What is the Difference between Absorption and Adsorption?

Adsorption vs Absorption

Difference between Absorption and Adsorption is that in Absorption, one substance is taken into the physical structure of the other substance and concern with the whole mass of the absorbent while in Adsorption, A substance or energy is atracted to a surface of another is a surface phenomena.

What is Absorption?

Absorption is a process in which a substance takes up another substance, such as a melting paper (solid) absorbing water (a liquid). Or a process in which a substance takes up a radiation of a characteristic wavelength.

What is Adsorption?

Adsorption is a process in which a substance adheres to the surface of another substance. Adsorption is important in some types of catalysis, notably where gases absorb on metal surfaces. The reaction is then made easier by a consequent lowering of activation.

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