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This category is the best collection of Full Form and abbreviations from the best online sources. all of us have their own taste, skills, expertise, and areas of interest.

a full form is a shortened sentence or word which is abbreviated shortly from words or letters gained form from phrases it entirely.

all major fields including physics, math, chemistry, science, technology, education, computer, democracy, banking, examination, variety of abbreviations are used and they are very common and developed in daily life usage but most of the people are ignorant to many of them.

on the other hand, some time many of us know the shortcut or abbreviation they do not know either full form or shortcut. hence, to full fill this need this category is developed.

so, we gathered all of your interest-based abbreviations at a single place with our best article writers and experts in different technology. please contribute your valuable information and experience on this website to present a better experience to the online world.

hope that it will help many people to understand and assist abbreviations in daily life.

Science Full forms

science consists of different branches like physics, math, chemistry, biology, etc. scientists in these branches and fields carry out different experiments and use these abbreviations in their scientific research projects.


  • cnf full form

    cnf full form

    What does CNF mean? CNF stands for Confirmed Ticket which means boarding the train with a confirmed ticket. it also…

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  • What does LMV-NT mean

    LMV-NT full form

    LMV-NT stands for Light Motor Vehicle – Non-Transport. it is a license category in India for motor vehicles. It is…

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  • What does DC mean

    DC Full Form

    What does DC mean? DC is the abbreviation of the Deputy Commissioner. A deputy commissioner is a head of department…

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  • What does FUP mean.

    fup full form

    What does FUP mean? FUP stands for Fair Usage Policy mostly used term by the internet service provider or (ISP)…

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  • mcwg Full Form

    mcwg Full Form

    MCWG Full Form Stands for Motor Cycle With Gear which is a common licence category in India for motorcycles. It…

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