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mcwg Full Form

What does MCWG mean?

MCWG full form Stands for Motor Cycle With Gear which is a common license category in India for motorcycles. It covers all moto cycle categories starting from 50cc to unlimited cc such as mopeds, scooters, and bikes with gear in any part. it is a general motorcycle license that does not allow you to drive other classes of heavy vehicles for example MCWG, LMV, LMV-NT, etc which is already mentioned on the license card.

mcwg Full FormOther Similar Terms to MCWG Full Form

  • MCWOG: Motor Cycle Without Gear
  • LMV: Light Motor Vehicle
  • HMPV: heavy motor passenger vehicle
  • LMV-NT: Light Motor Vehicle – Non-Transport
  • FVG:  motorcycle without gear like scooty, gearless bikes
  • HMV: Heavy motor vehicle

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are LMV and MCWG?

the MCWG stands for Motorcycle With Gear. it is a motorcycle driving license category used in India in which all motorcycles having the capacity of an engine of more than 1700 cc are included. on the other hand, LMV means light motor vehicle and is allowed for non-transport purposes like personal or handicapped persons only.

What is full-form MCWG?

the full form of MCWG is Motorcycle With Gear.

Can an MCWG drive a car?

the quick answer is no. the MCWG license holder can drive a motorcycle only in any part of Indian territory. for driving a car you need to conduct a driving test known as Regional Transport Office (RTO) and LMV(NT) license will be needed for you.

Does LMV include MCWG?

LMV is allowed for bigger vehicles so it also includes the MCWG too.

Can I drive the car with LMV NT?

yes. it allows driving any type of vehicle such as mini-bus, taxi, mini truck, light commercial vehicle, auto-rickshaw, etc. for goods and passengers.

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