Difference Between Ideal Gas And Real Gas

The Major Difference Between Ideal Gas And Real Gas is that ideal gasses obey all gases law under all conditions of temperature and pressure and also obey ideal Gas Equation PV=nRT while real gases obey gas laws only at low temperatures and pressure they also obey wander Waals equation instead of the ideal gas equation.

You Might Know that Chemistry is the study of composition and changes undergo to matter in any form. the importance of the behaviour of gases is very much important in chemistry as compared to other branches of science. so, basically, chemistry analyse behaviour of gases on the earth.

all the gasses are different from each other according to the type and other conditions present on it. in this regard, a chemist Jan van Helmont proposed a law which tells us the tendency to the behaviour of gases in the presence of temperature and kinetic energy.

this law explains that when we exert a pressure on a fixed mass of gas, the constant volume of temperature is inversely proportional. hence it is not a true condition for all the gases at any cases.

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