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What does FUP mean?

FUP stands for Fair Usage Policy mostly used term by the internet service provider (ISP) or mobile broadband providers and defined the What does FUP mean.bandwidth cap of the internet for limitless Internet plans and call minutes packages. this is provided by the respective broadband services providers. in fair meanings, it means that if you are a subscriber of an unlimited broadband internet package for 15 MBPS unlimited per month.

on the other hand, if your monthly limit usage crosses a certain limit then surely your limit of 15 MBPS will reduce to some lower value of 15 to maintain the quality of other users present on this network.

The FUP was developed to maintain the service quality of network resources for every user without significant drops in the speed of their connection.

Other Meanings of FUP

  • FUP: Full Upright Position
  •  Follow-Up
  • Firenze University Press (Italy)
  • Fair Use Policy
  • Fair Usage Policy
  • Firmware Update
  • Fonds Unique de Péréquation (French: Former Unique Equalization Fund)
  • Funktionsplan (German: Logic Diagram)
  • Front Underrun Protection (automotive device)
  • File Utility Program
  • Forming-Up Point
  • Freshman Urban Program (various colleges and universities)
  • Free Unit Packs
  • Fixed Unit Price
  • Free Use Permit
  • Frequently Used Program
  • Facility Utilization Plan
  • Fraction Unbound in Plasma (pharmacokinetics)
  • First Usage Phase
  •  Full Up Power Pack
  • Follow-Up Post

FUP means Fat upper Pussy. if a women’s belly is consist of a fatty upper belly or belly button and hangs low, it looks like she has a double pussy.

Other Similar Terms

  • WISP: Wireless Internet Service Provider
  • CN: Common Name
  • AUA: Ask Us Anything

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  1. online translate says:

    Fup means “full form” in internet. Abbreviation for “full form” is FUP.

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