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OTG Full form

OTG full form indicates On-The-Go. It is a special specification used for Universal Serial Bus or USB to interconnect among different devices. the devices like USB and other digital audio players & mobile phones are known as masses which can be connected with flash drives, digital cameras, keyboards, and mics through OTG.

the important thing is you do not need to connect these products e.g USB with a computer. through OTG the host devices like smartphones, tablets, and mobiles are connected to devices like digital cameras, keyboards, mice, etc. the OTG device has a USB port.

When you connect a phone to a computer using a standard USB connection, the phone becomes the capacity device and the computer becomes the primary device. By connecting the OTG connection, the head unit becomes your mobile phone.

OTG Full form

OTG is very popular with mobile device users because it allows you to use your mobile phone as a laptop. OTG is the result of the increasing need for portable devices to communicate with each other.

To use this feature, the device must only support the OTG host so that you can connect the OTG cable to your mobile phone and connect your mobile phone to a USB device such as a mouse, keyboard, or flash drive.

Therefore, USB OTG allows USB OTG products to communicate with each other without the use of a computer. For example, you can connect a digital camera to a PDA and a mobile phone to a printer or scanner. All of these devices must be USB OTG compliant.

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