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PDF Full Form

PDF full form stands for Portable Document Format. it is an Adobe Systems-based developed file format to read and open books and documents on the internet or in the form of soft copy. it is designed by Adobe for cross-platform document creation and distribution.

Adobe developed this PDF file Format software in 1990 to visualize text documents and images regardless of having an operating system.  the main purpose of software format is to use only for read share and printing purposes without giving permission to edit the files.

it possesses a portable document format for capturing electronic images of printed documents which are only viewable, printable, and can be transferred to other digital devices such as USB, floppy, hard drive, etc.

the latest version of the software is known as Adobe reader or adobe acrobat reader which is very popular among book lovers for PDF files. originally, these files are created by different products such as Adobe Acrobat, Acrobat Capture, etc.

the Adobe reader is available for free download on their adobe official website which will automatically start working after installation on opening a PDF file.

PDF Full Form

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

PDF full form in computer

in computer, PDF stands for “portable document format”. almost every computer user has this software on his computer. it is software for reading books and other documents.

what is the full form of pdf

the full form of pdf indicates portable document format? it is a format to view, publish, and share documents online, to other devices, etc.

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