Wire Gauze Function and Uses

Wire gauze is a popular piece of equipment in Laboratory Apparatus. it is a thin metal sheet having net or web-like patterns. this pattern is also known as metal mesh. its major function is that it is often placed on a supporting ring and attached to the retort stand between the bunsen burner and flasks, beakers, etc to facilitate heat transfer.  High-quality wire gauze is always made from stainless steel having ceramic centers for general heating applications in common laboratories.

it supports many other types of equipment like bunsen burners and flasks while heating or diffusing the heat (heat diffuser) which ultimately protects the glassware to be broken on overheating. it transmits heat more efficiently. 

only the glassware can be put on the gauze that has a flat bottom. one thing that must be noticed is that there are some varieties of gauze with a ceramic center, but the Plain type can transmit heat more efficiently. 

you can see the diagram of wire gauze…!


Wire Gauze diagram


which leads us to different functions & Uses.

Wire Gauze Uses and Functions in Laboratory

wire gauze is used as a support for different containers when they are placed across a support ring above the bunsen burner to spread the heat of the burner flame. it also supports flasks and beakers. when the bunsen burner flame is beneath it with a tripod, it helps to spread the flame out evenly over the container.

dealing with gauze is a fire-based work, so we need to follow some cautions and safety rules in the laboratory So that we can save ourselves and others from severe consequences and hazards. it also uses in many industries, arts and crafts, and many home improvements. 

Some Other Uses Outside Laboratory

  • for many years, wire gauze is used in minerals where people use it as a safety lamps protected by a layer of wire gauze with a fine wire mesh that easily allows air to enter and flow in the lamp. on the other hand, it also used for distinguishing the fire from the lamp. 
  • Metallic wire gauze used as a base for many arts and crafts projects because of the flexible and strong material. it is also used in plaster formation and casting also big sizes are useful in constructing various heavy projects.
  • another common use is trapping sediment in industrial water filtration systems and lint filters in household dryers using wire mesh.
  • many Scientists used it to filter and strain the products during many chemical reactions.

Different Sizes, Varieties, and Types 

It is a net-like mesh that is interconnected strands of different wires.  they are made up of different gauges of wire and various spacing patterns on the metal mesh. it is made with different metals like iron, steel, nichrome, and copper, etc. the  ceramic center wire gauze is often used in the laboratory which has the following  available sizes:

  • 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15 cm) (150 mm)
  • 5-inch (125 mm)
  • 5 x 5 inches (13 x 13 cm) (125 mm) with ceramic center
  • 4 x 4 inches (10 x 10 cm), (100 mm)
  • 5 inches (130 mm)

wire gauze function and Meanings with Uses in Laboratory (Video)


Using wire gauze, the heat is dissipated more evenly and efficiently than if putting the glassware under a bare flame. This heat dissipation feature is especially useful when handling complex or delicate chemical reactions, in which a highly precise and uniform heating system is essential for the desired reaction to succeed. Wire mesh is also important for protecting glassware.

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

What does a wire gauze in laboratory do?

the wire gauze is regarded as the supporting equipment in a laboratory apparatus. it is made with metal sheets with web-like patterns that protect glassware from heated directly under the flame of a bunsen burner. it also used to diffuse the heat. 

Why is a wire gauze placed under the glass apparatus when they are heated?

to protect the glassware from heating directly under the flame of the bunsen burner. 

Can a flame pass through mesh?

if we put a metallic wire gauze over the flame of a burner, the flame will not pass through the wire mesh. 

What is a wire gauze used for?

it is used to placed on a supporting ring and attached to the retort stand between the bunsen burner and flasks, beakers, etc to facilitate heat transfer. 

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