The function of Wire Gauze

A Wire Gauze is a popular equipment in Laboratory Apparatus. it is a thin metal sheet having net or web-like patterns. this pattern is also known as metal mesh. the major wire gauze function is that it often placed on supporting ring and attached to the retort stand between bunsen burner and flasks, beakers, etc.


you can see the diagram of wire gauze…!


Wire Gauze diagram


which leads us to different functions & Uses.


Wire Gauze Uses and Functions


wire gauze is used as a support for different containers when they are placed across a support ring above the bunsen burner to spread the heat of burner flame. it also supports flasks and beakers. when the bunsen burner flame is beneath it with a tripod, wire gauze helps to spread flame out evenly over the container.


dealing with wire gauze is a fire-based work, so we need to follow some cautions and safety rules in the laboratory So that we can save ourselves and others from severe consequences and hazards.


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