What is the Difference Between Atom And Molecule?

The difference Between Atom And Molecule is that an Atom is the smallest particle of an element, doesn’t exist in free space except for noble gases highly reactive and don’t have a chemical bond while a Molecule is the smallest particle of an element or compound, exists in free space, less reactive and held by chemical bonds.

Difference Between Atom and Molecule in Tabular Form

Atom Molecule
it is the smallest particle of an elementit is the smallest particle of a compound
atom can’t make bondingmolecules always have intermolecular and intramolecular forces and always make bonding.
may or may not have possessed properties of matter.always possess the properties of matter.
molecules are always made with the composition of two or more atomsform molecules
may or may not exist independently depending on the situation or nature of the element.molecules always exist independently.
due to the independent existence, atoms may molecules when they are present in monoatomic molecules due to stability factor-like helium gases.molecule cant is said to be an atom as minimum of two atoms form a molecule.
cant be divided into further types.they are present in the form of monoatomic and heteroatomic molecules.
C, O, N, H are some common examples of atoms.H2, N2, NO3 are some examples of Molecules.
atom is highly reactive except for some noble gases.Molecules are usually less reactive.
atoms consist of subatomic particles i.e, nucleus (protons, neutrons, and electrons).molecules consist of two or more two atoms of the same or different elements.
they cannot be separated into subatomic particles with the help of chemical reactions or changes.they can be separated into atoms with the help of chemical reactions.
can be seen only through a magnified or electron microscope and can’t be further can be further sub-divided into atoms.
atoms have electrostatic attraction between the positive nucleus and electrons.they have a chemical attraction or bonding between atoms and have involved in single, double, and triple bonds between constituent atoms.
Difference Between Atom and Molecule

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