Impacts of Human Beings on Biodiversity with Ratio graph

Biodiversity with Ratio Graph

Biodevristy: By 10,000 years ago there were about 5 million people on Earth. With the advancement in agriculture and industry, human population began to grow rapidly. Today around 700 million people live on Earth.


To improve the living conditions for 700 million humans, we are imposing serious threats to the survival of biodiversity. Habitat loss, deforestation, over-hunting, introduction or removal of species, pollution and climate change are the major causes of species extinction.

Habitat loss is probably the greatest threat to biodiversity on Earth today.Known Causes of Species Extinctions

Sea star (starfish) eats mussels. If sea stars are removed from a region in oceans, mussels rapidly increase in a number. Large number of mussels preys on small animals and become dangerous for their existence.

Eucalyptus Plants were imported from Australia and introduced in Pakistan. These plants consume more water and have disturbed the water table (level of underground water). It harms other small plants that grown near Eucalyptus Plants.

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