Three major parts of human brain and their functions

What are the major parts of the brain and their functions?

The human brain is contained in the skull. It has three major parts.

  1. The cerebrum or the bigger brain.
  2. Cerebellum or the smaller brain.
  3. Medulla oblongata or the spinal cord.


The cerebrum constitutes the major volume of the brain. It consists of two large masses of nervous material known as cerebral hemispheres. Human consciousness thought, emotions, memory, sight, the sensation of pain, will, hearing, and speech are centered in the cerebrum. Some parts of it also control motor nerves, operating the arms and legs.

The cerebellum or the smaller brain is related to the coordination of activities of nerves and muscles. In this way, movements of the body are managed. Medulla oblongata or hindbrain contains the centers for reflex actions in addition to automatic movements such as breathing and walking.

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