15 Health Benefits of Green Tea and Side Effects | Science proved

Is Green Tea or Black Tea better for you?

Everyone has heard about Green Tea. It has worldwide popularity. Green Tea is the most common juice used after water. Millions of people enjoy tea every day but research tells us that the effects of green tea are countless.

Today, I will lighten up its effects that… how Green tea is useful for us?

It is the essential ingredient of many people’s kitchens. But do you know how much of this healthy drink is beneficial for health?

Of course not:green tea

Its using will surprise you because it is beneficial for cancer to acne.

A recent report shows that one cup of daily tea can safe from dental diseases. Anti-microbial males present in it are also beneficial for gums besides dental health.

An investigation regarding green tea shows that green tea drinkers are more active and smart than old-aged people. It has organic ingredients, which play a key role in saving important cells for immune systems.

Caffeine and fatty acids present in it increase bodywork around and progress. it helps a lot to lose weight.

According to research conducted in the US, this tea contains very low quantities of caffeine and a large number of antioxidants, which are beneficial for health. Ammonium acid is present in it. This keeps humans away from depression.

Its chemical analysis has proved that the chemical element which is called EGOG also produces new particles in the blood, therefore cancer and tumor pump does not exist in the body. It contains a component that eliminates the cells causing mouth cancer. This tea is also useful for the eyes. According to one of the latest researches, it protects the eyes form various infections.

The ingredients found in its plant (Chinese research), eliminate cells that cause eye infections, and also reduce the risk of liver cancer. These elements strengthen the eye muscles. Protect glaucoma and other eye diseases and improve the eye. it is Suitable for swelling eyes that eliminates eye inflammation.

If the 2 green tea bags are flown to hot water for 3 to 5 minutes and then cool them and put on the eyes, they are extremely useful for the eyes. It is also good for Parkinson’s patients because it increases brain capacity for short periods. The catechin element present in it is useful.

The more than 15 best Green Tea BenefitsGreen Tea

With more information about the powerful benefits of green tea, more and more people are planning to add it to their diet. Many countries have recognized its properties such as China uses it for centuries. Medical experts encourage to use of it.

There are different benefits of green and black tea. Black tea does not provide you with high benefits that cover the premises of health.

Now we take a look at the extraordinary benefits of a small teacup of green tea on a daily basis.

Brain capabilities increase

Brain capabilities increase

Green tea is the answer to the negative effects of the power that you are looking for because it is a reliable way to strengthen all energy levels. Unlike coffee, it increases your energy level. Play an important role to balance the mental level. It stables your ability. This makes anxiety and anti-emotionally balanced things.

Reduces cancer risksReduces cancer risks

Powerful selection is available in its anti-oxide, which helps naturally to strengthen the body and to improve the defense system. Researchers suggest that drinking daily prevents cancer risks, which are associated with prostate cancer, and large intestinal cancer.

Protects and improves brain memory

With the presence of a catechin mixture, green tea helps prevent diseases such as age-related memory and Alzheimer’s. Kitchen-mixing parks prevent the risks of the disease significantly.

heart diseaseReduces the risk of Diabetes or heart disease

Experts suggest that daily green tea can prevent diabetes. You can also control your blood sugar. If you drink it on a regular basis, you feel its advantages in the prevention of diseases. It provides a stable and strong defense system against blood cholesterol in blood vessels. High cholesterol level is mentioned for stroke and heart attack.

Green tea: a cup daily!

Its taste may seem slightly bitter, Add lemon or honey to your tea. Successfully you can get amazing results. It is your responsibility and fully in your hands to strengthen your defense system and improve the body’s system. Add this tea to your daily routine. You will improve your health soon.

Prevent many types of cancercancer

One research showed positive results regarding cancer prevention. According to researchers, green tea contained polyphenols, which are helpful in killing cancer cells.

Another research revealed that women using this tea decrease the risk of breast cancer, after treatment.

While another American research, is bestowed to reduce the 30% risk of intestinal cancer.

healthy heartMake the heart healthy

It has a large number of fluorides and anti-oxidants that reduce the effects of bad cholesterol prevent bleeding and improve the activity of the kidneys.

Similarly, it reduces blockage in cholesterol and kidneys. One or two cups daily decreases the 45% risk of shrinking kidneys.

joint painBest for joint pain

To prevent rash and pain, start four cups daily. Research at the US’s Western Reserve University suggests that green tea has a chemical compound that serves as a powerful anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant, which reduces the risk of joints to less than 60% of those who run away from tea.

Increase in brain capabilities

Researchers from the Netherlands have confirmed that its two ingredients thiamine and caffeine increase significantly at focus and concentration levels. Its use in comparison with other energy-related drinks reduces the risk of nervous stress because it contains a very low amount of caffeine.

Clean the acneClean the acne

In research at the University of Miami, it came to light that anti-oxidants involved in it cleared acne and pimples, However, instead of drinking tea, it is also used as a face wash.

For oily skin, mix green and mint tea before using.

The struggle against infection in the Urinary groove

According to various medical research reports, daily use of two to three cups of green tea are helpful in eliminating urinary groove infection. Research proved, this tea contains antioxidants that reduce the swelling of BLADDER.

RRelief from allergieselief from allergies

Green tea is full of fluorides, or plant chemicals that protect against swelling. On facing allergies, some cups daily use this beverage to reduce swelling of the nose inside, which is helpful for allergy protection.

Reduce swelling of eyes

Some herb experts claim that if wet Green Tea bags are pressed on the eyes for 15 to 20 minutes, tired or swollen eyes get relief and they get fresh.

asthmaReduce the symptoms of asthma

According to research, an anti-oxidant in green tea cells replaces cortex-in cells in such ingredients that cause allergic reactions (they also do the same medication for asthma treatment). Daily use of two cups of green tea is beneficial to keep the symptoms of asthma away.

Reduce mental stressmental stress

The amount of caffeine in green tea is low, and its use of five cups potentially reduces psychological stress. This came under a recent study of a university in Japan.

Researchers could not identify any specific component for them, but during experiments on animals, it came to know that the drinks make an amount of chemical-causing chemicals.

Green Tea Benefits for eyeseyes

Where Green tea is beneficial in weight loss and gastrointestinal illness it is also good for the eyes. According to recent research, Green tea protects from an eye infection. According to Chinese research, the ingredients found in green tea end up the cells in the eye-infection-making cells and also reduce the risk of obesity in the use of blood pressure.

Other Green Tea Benefits

Green tea is also a good prescription for digestion. Green tea is also useful for diabetes and Liver diseases. Used for Diuretic. It is also used in the treatment of bleeding and wounds. Cinnamon, controls diabetes.

Green tea prevents the cortex artery, especially in osteoporosis. Those who drink ten or more cups of green tea daily have a low risk of liver diseases, including Jaundice. Green tea helps to reduce the extracted fat.

Green tea is also used as a stimulant. Apart from this, for those people who have grown up and stay hungry the day, drinking green tea for them is very useful. Burn extra calories faster and taking it in regular use reduces not only weight but also you consider yourself better than ever. Besides this, it is also better for Food Poisoning.

The Japanese studied 14,000 people who were more than fifty years old. Those of them who used to drink green tea remain active and fit. So if you want to keep on growing, then start drinking a cup of green tea daily.

Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Today, the essence of green tea capsules is found in the market. For adult use, 100 milliliters of capsules, and for men 500 milliliters capsule.

The difference between green tea and black tea

Green Tea Vs Black Tea

Black tea is dangerous for health

Black tea is made by fermentation. This process eliminates many good qualities from tea. It contains anti-oxidants but remains very low due to fermentation. Drinking black tea becomes an addiction and then it is difficult to leave it. Every drug addiction contains the same thing.

Black tea kills hunger and thirst. In other words, it disrupts the natural system of hunger and thirst, which is dangerous for health. Black tea causes stomach shafts, which reduce the digestive system. The effects of dangerous properties above appear several years later.

Benefits of green tea

Tea has been used for thousands of years. Green tea is also called Chinese Tea and its plant name is Camilla Census, which has many advantages for health and fitness. Over the years, green tea experiments were conducted on humans and animals and in experiments, which proved that green tea helped prevent many diseases.

Remains healthy and active in old age

An investigation conducted in Japan regarding green tea benefits has shown that its drinkers are more active and smart in old age than their fellow age-old people. This review conducted in Japan regarding its use was added to those aged people, who drink it daily.

Researchers have also investigated the effects of green tea on cholesterol and cancer patients. However, there are mixed results. In this new study published in an American medical journal, researchers have tried to know whether it reduces the risk of disorder and disability or not.old age

If seen by older people, such as bathing, changing clothing, cleaning the house, etc., consumers of green tea are more active than others. It means that people are more active in everyday work and their chances of getting disabilities are reduced.

Risk of Physical DisabilityPhysical Disability

According to the review, those people drink less than one cup of tea in the day, and 13% of them have to face severe difficulties. However, in this review, it has also been clarified that only this tea is not the cause behind this growth, and it may also affect other factors.

Green tea seekers usually like healthy foods. They use more vegetables, fruits, and fish. That’s why they are fewer victims of heart attack and stroke. At the same time socially they are very dynamic and active.

According to researchers drinking five cups or more than that of tea, reduces the risk of physical disabilities compared to those who drink a cup of tea or less. However, this is not clear that it contains ingredients, which prevent the body from being inactive.

How to make green tea?

Ingredients: Water six cups of, green tea: half Tea Spoon, two grinned small cardamom

Recipe: Buy good brand green tea. Only use the vessel for boiling water for tea. Keep the water on the extinguisher. Add sugar to semi-hot water and mix it with a spoon. Put alike if the water starts cooking, put green tea and run for two minutes. Cover the vessel perfectly. After a minute take a look and take it out of the Bowl. Add more sugar if needed. Here it is ready. Some people like to drink green tea without sugar.

Side Effects or Disadvantages

People are very well aware of green tea’s utility and benefits but have you ever considered what the right way to drink is? Today we will tell you the disadvantages and also the right way to use it.

Only drink two or three cups a day

It contains fluoride, which results in adverse effects on your liver. Make sure to drink two to three cups and do not absorb even more.

Do not drink with an empty stomach

Do not drink it early in the morning on an empty stomach because drinking with an empty stomach will make negative effects on your stomach. But start the morning with a glass of water.

Taking immediately after a meal 

Some people think taking green tea immediately after food is good for their health and believe that it is fine for their stomachs.

But this is a dangerous mistake because drinking like this will be difficult to digest. After eating the meal, take at least half an hour’s break and then take a cup of tea.

While sleeping

If you use green tea during sleeping time, then you are in great trouble. Therefore, take it at least two to three hours before you sleep So that you do not have trouble sleeping.

Do not use green tea bags again and again

Do not use green tea bags once again after use because they will contain a lot of nutritious caffeine, but it will be dangerous for health due to the collection of bacteria.

Drink excessive amounts of water

There is a lot of urine after taking green tea, which can reduce the water amount in the body. So, drink more and more water to maintain proper health.

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