What is the Difference Between Orbit and Orbitals?

The Major Difference Between Orbit and Orbitals is that orbit is a well defined circular path followed by revolving electrons around the nucleus while orbital is a region of space around the nucleus of an atom where the electron is most likely to be found.

Difference Between Orbit and Orbitals
Orbit Vs. Orbitals

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Difference Between Orbit and Orbitals in Tabular Form

Orbits represent the planner motion of the electron.orbitals represent the three-dimensional motion of the electron around the nucleus.
They are Circular in shape.they are Different in shapes from each other.
it is a well-defined path that revolving electrons follow around a is simply a region of space around a nucleus where the electron is present.
the orbits theory doesn’t satisfy the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.Orbitals Concept completely complies with the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
Can accommodate 2n2 electron in the shells where n is the number of orbits.only two electrons can be present in an orbital.
the planner motion of electron can be designated by L, M, N, etc.The 3D motion of electron by s,p,d,f orbitals.
According to Bohr’s atomic modelAgainst the Bohr’s Atomic Model.

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