Difference Between Aldehydes And Ketones

the Major Difference Between Aldehydes vs Ketones is that Aldehydes contains R-CHO, more reactive than ketones, always occur at end of the carbon chain and found in volatile compounds while Ketones have R-CO-R, cannot be oxidized without breaking of the carbon chain, occur in the middle of the chain and found in sugars.

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Aldehydes and Ketones are two different organic compounds that are found commonly everywhere. both can be synthesized artificially in the chemical field as well as are formed as natural sources. they contain molecules consisting of the carbonyl group in which the carbon atoms are double-bonded with an oxygen atom. the carbonyl group or atoms are hybridized as SP2.

in this way, both aldehydes and ketones make a flat trigonometric geometry or arrangements around the present carbonyl atom which is a polar group having higher boiling points as compared to many others of the same atomic weight. for example, hydrocarbons.

the basic difference between aldehydes and ketones is present in the chemical structure of both. although they contain carbon atoms (C=O) but their carbonyl atom’s arrangement is different.

in chemical industries, the simplest form of aldehydes and ketones is produced on a large scale. they used as raw materials as well as solvents to prepare other organic compounds. the carbonyl group is also known as the functional group.

since aldehydes and ketones are known as organic compounds or substances, they mostly made up of hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon atoms but can not be able to make stronger hydrogen bonds like in alcohol. 

What are Aldehydes?

What is Ketone?


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