what is Communication: Definition, Skills and Process

what are different types of communication?

what is Communication?

Communation is a process to convey a message or information to various people verbally or in writing, and receiving response as its reaction.

Communication word is a developed form of the Latin word communis which means sharing. It means Information delivery, magazines, newsletters, or writings. However, it cannot be clearly defined yet. Every writer has given a definition of his knowledge and experience on this subject. And you must know the authors’ definitions to understand your subject or article. Below are a few definitions that will help you understand this article.

  1.  Word “Communication” is the name to inform, take or exchange information.
  2. According to Webster’s New Collegiate dictionary: A process through which information and information between people exchange anonymity as a result of common symbols, indications, or joint behavior.
  3. George A. Miller says that: “It means to convey a notification or message from one place to another”.
  4. Edward L Brink says: “The process of communication between those who live in a society interact with or communicate with them”.
  5. Harte A. Murphy says: “It is a process through which the message is conveyed to the recipient in a manner that it can understand and it will say effective communications”. When the recipient expresses a positive answer or response to it, then oral or verbally posted messages in business communication, are in a way that reflects their reaction.

Now take a look that what it is :Communication

Communication is such a two-way process, which interchanges ideas or information between different people.

For example, if people live together or work together in an office, they will have different information stored in their minds. Hence, there will be a difference between their knowledge and information. The basis of this difference will be the following Barriers to communication.

  • Basic education standards
  • Personal social analysis in society
  • Experience in their various institutions
  • To collect their reading habits and more information
  • Quality of curiosity learning from their own environment

So, communication conveys ideas to each other. Therefore, it fills the empty space between the two persons.

The basic exchange of information may be from the following sources:

  1. Debates
  2. Discussions
  3. Conferences
  4. Buzz groups
  5. Meetings

Authentic definition of communication:

The communication is the name of mutual exchange of facts, ideas, experiences and emotions.

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