13 Computer Lab Rules For School and College Students

What are the safety precautions\rules for students in lab?

To maintain a quiet, clean and comfortable environment in the computer lab, we are providing you a list of computer lab rulesĀ and regulations.

Computer lab Rules:

Avoid these things:

  1. Eating and drinking.
  2. Making a noise.
  3. Downloading data without authorization.
  4. Installing personal software on computers including games.
  5. Copy or transferring any software any software?data.
  6. Plugging a personal USB/Card/CD or any other device into the computers.
  7. Interfering with or disturbing other students.
  8. Propagating computer viruses,spamming and offensive material.
  9. Tampering with,attempting to repair, or misusing the lab equipment.
  10. Bringing of mobile phones and other multimedia devices.
  11. writing on tables/computers.
  12. Viewing unwanted material, etc.
  13. Keeping sound levels to a minimum limit that does`t disturb to others.

Students are required to bring to the computer lab only the following items:

  • Textbooks
  • Practical notebooks
  • Class work notebooks
  • pens

Important Note:

All the students are must required to follow the above mentioned rules for lab.

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