Difference Between Microcomputer and Minicomputer

A microcomputer is a small, mid in size & power, single-user Computer designed for business and organizational use and has memory compared to a minicomputer. it is mostly a single-user system and more costly in price which can be easily expanded and upgraded to meet the changing needs of an organization. on the other hand, Microcomputers are larger and often fill up a whole room, designed to handle more complex computations and data processing, and can support multiple users simultaneously. they are more affordable than minicomputers and are designed for personal or home use. microcomputers have limited scalability options.

Difference Between Microcomputer and Minicomputer in Tabular Form

Microcomputer Minicomputer
The microcomputer was introduced in nearly 1970.The minicomputer was introduced in 1960.
often uses at home, in offices, and in educational institutes like schools and is often used in huge business institutes and departments.
consists of one processor.generally consists of multiprocessors.
memory present in MB.memory present in GB.
it is a small-sized is a large-sized computer.
price starts from 500$ to 5500$price varies between 18000$ to 500000$.
Inexpensive and easy to use.It can handle a huge amount of data.
Much slower than the larger computers.can support a number of terminals.
Common examples of microcomputers are IBM=PC and Apple Macintosh.examples of mini computers are IBM=VAX-8800 and MV-1500.

What is Microcomputer?

It is a relatively small and inexpensive type of computer, usually used by an individual in a home or office setting. It is also known as a personal computer.

What is Mini-computer?

A computer with storage capacity and powerful than a mainframe’s but greater than a personal computer’s.

Main Frame

The largest computer that has access to billions of characters of data and is capable of processing a large amount of data very quickly. These are used by such data-heavy customers as banks, airlines, and large manufacturers

Super Computer

The largest and most powerful category of computers is known as supercomputers.

Difference Between Microcomputer and Minicomputer

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