Hot and Cold Body Temperature with Extreme Conditions and Safety Tips

How does the human body maintain a constant temperature?

Body TemperatureOur body is able to work at only normal temperatures. If your internal body temperature becomes low or high, then not only you will be able to work but also your life is in great danger. Most researches show that a human is able to work only at temperature ranges from 30 – 40. However, few reports also show that a person is eligible for work even at very low temperatures.

It is possible that a person can live in that temperature, which is above\low the range of normal temperature. It clearly means that there is some kind of thermostat in the body. These thermostats work fairly and maintain the normal temperature inside the body. This mechanism changes itself very fastly according to the external temperature.

Example of change in Body Temperaturebody temperature

Let you be sitting in a room. Then you change your place and sit on the lawn. On the lawn, the sun shines perfectly. The first thing you will notice is the blood pressure of the body. The blood vessels will be cleared at the skin. Your skin becomes pink or light red. This is because; the blood flows very close to your skin. The reason is that, the blood release heat in its surroundings.

When we work less, our body produces less heat. Less heat in the body is the main cause of laziness. This laziness also works in decreasing the heat of the body. You can say that it’s a chain rule process. Less heat causes laziness and then laziness causes a rapid increase in lowering the heat of the body.

And when body temperature becomes low and low, our breathing speed will be increased. While breathing, humans exhaust heat. This is also a way to decrease body temperature.laziness

All these mechanisms work only when you sit in any place. When you are sitting in a cold area, definitely you feel no sweating. Your breathing speed becomes low. Your skin color becomes yellowish. Science proves that the movement of body parts produces heat. In this case, you may be shuddering.

Tips to change Body Temperature

In winter or in cold places, try to work more. A small exercise also helps you in maintaining or changing the temperature of your body. In summer or in hot places, try to relax more. Keep deep breaths. Reduce your exercise and eat less spicy foods.

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