Top 6 Food Preservation Methods and Processing Techniques in Daily Life

What are the Best Methods of Food Preservation & Processing ?

The scientists recommend adopting the following Food preservation methods and processing techniques:

  1. Sterilizing is used for preventing the spoilage of food. Food is sterilized by exposing it to a high temperature of 120°C to 126°C under pressure for 12 – 90 minutes. This is one of the best food preservation preservation methods
  2. Milk is pasteurized by heating it at 71⁰C for 15 seconds or at 62⁰C for 32 minutes. Through their pasteurization process, the bacteria are killed and the taste of milk is not preservation methods
  3. Most of the bacteria are killed at very low temperatures (10 C to 50 C) for many days. Eggs, milk, vegetables, cheese, and meat are preserved by storing them at low temperatures. Food such as meat and vegetables are frozen at -10C to -18C to keep them useable for weeks and preservation methods
  4. Cooked food and other eatables (pickles, candies, and jams) are first heated at a high temperature that kills bacteria and then sealed in metallic containers thus food remain safe from preservation methods
  5. Spoilage of food (such as meat and vegetables) can be prevented by the drying preservation methods
  6. Bacteria can be killed by exposing food to radiation. In this way, food is preserved for a long time, and it becomes healthy food for preservation methods

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