Types of Trees

Types of Trees: we all know that trees play an important role in our lives. they make and shape the ecosystem successful. with the help of the photosynthesis process, they produce oxygen for living ones. in addition to that, they act as a refuge and protector against land erosion. they also play a leading role in the carbon cycle.  to make these all possible, nature has created many types of trees we are discussing here along with their characteristics and names.

Types of Trees

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Types of Deciduous or Feeble Leaves Trees

Deciduous trees are found in the cold season usually in the autumn they lose their leaves. by losing leaves, they save different nutrients that may have damaged during the cold season. another reason for losing nutrients is less access to sunlight that may not full fill their requirements for the photosynthesis process in the cold season.

Types of Deciduous Trees

these trees left their branches without leaves or shed their skin once a year during the fall. to adapt to different dry and cold weather conditions, they drop their foliage. the feeble leaves trees are further divided into four different categories depending on their varieties and arrangements of leaves. large-scale usage of such trees is seen while making bottle corks and landscaping.

usually, they tend to very long trees that originate the attraction the beauty of longevity towards mankind. Some examples of deciduous trees are as follows:

  • Cherry
  • ash tree
  • Ginkgo
  • Almond
  • Walnut
  • Plum
  • White poplar
  • chestnut
  • birch
  • beech

Using of Feeble Leaves Trees

  • using landscaping purposes for parks, houses, and streets, etc.
  • for the purpose of obtaining different kinds of fruits.
  • for the construction and manufacturing of furniture.
  • they used as a fence for privacy or to protect from the wind where strong wind blows.
  • use for the purpose of natural and medicinal remedies.
  • large scale use for firewood and charcoal.
  • for many recreational uses.

Types of Evergreen Trees

Unlike deciduous trees, the evergreen trees keep their leaves throughout the season that change gradually or renew consistently the whole year. for example, the conifers group of trees. they are known as the tallest and longest-lived trees in the world. Bristlecone pine can live more than 5,000 years.

Types of Evergreen Trees

the evergreen trees are further divided into two categories in which one is spiny and needle-shaped trees and the other is broad or large shaped trees. they adopt the form of a large canopy that causes to prevents small trees under their shades. paper, cancer drugs, and furniture can be made with evergreen trees.

same as Coast Redwood which exceeds 100 meters in height. they can resist easily cold and aggressive weather climates. some of their species are found in cone-shaped growth structures such as conifers.

some examples of Evergreen Trees are:

  • Mimosa
  • Acacia
  • Pine tree
  • Neem tree
  • Arbutus
  • Eucalyptus
  • Olive Tree
  • Ficus
  • strawberry tree
  • cork oak

Types of fruit trees

fruit trees possess flowers and produce fruits for the consumption of human beings. they have different types but all fruit trees have flowers n them and produce fruits. in short, they are capable to produce fruits by the maturation of their flowers. the fruit trees are divided into five further sub-categories which are as follows:

  • Fruit trees whose fruit has internal seeds
  • Fruit trees whose fruit has an internal bone
  • Exotic fruit trees
  • Fruit trees with nuts
  • Fruit trees with false fruits

Types of fruit trees

some examples of fruit trees are as follows:

  • Avocado
  • Orange tree
  • Lemon Tree
  • Mango
  • Appletree
  • Armenian Plum
  • Papaya
  • Pomegranate
  • Sweet Cherry

Types of Ornamental Trees

ornamental trees are those which are used for ornamental purposes. they feel aesthetically striking or pleasing to the eye. they are considered high valued trees for the decoration of gardens, parks, and other green spaces. they can be found in different shapes, colors, and sizes.

Types of Ornamental Trees

they can withstand many different environments and climates. some examples of ornamental trees are given below:

  • Lilo
  • Silver willow
  • Iron tree
  • Mimosa
  • Korean maple
  • Love tree

List of Tree Representative species and Their Names

  • Weeping Willow
  • American Sycamore
  • Coconut
  • Dragon Tree
  • Maidenhair Tree
  • European Beach
  • European Ash
  • Pistachio
  • Giant Sequoia
  • Silver Birch
  • Rubber Fig
  • Tasmanian Blue Gum
  • Papaya
  • Cacao Tree
  • Camphor Tree
  • Pecan
  • Bristlecone Pine
  • Salix Caprea
  • Para Rubber Tree
  • white Oak
  • Blue Spruce
  • Eastern White Pine
  • Quercus ilex
  • Magnolia Kobus
  • European Larch
  • Banyan
  • Tilia Cordata
  • English Oak
  • Clove
  • Brazil Nut
  • Bread Fruit
  • English Walnut
  • Curry Tree
  • Eastern Black Walnut
  • Silver Maple
  • Swamp Spanish Oak
  • Eastern Hemlock
  • Sessile Oak

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