Difference between the Cell Wall and Cell Membrane

the main difference between cell wall and cell membrane is that cell wall present only in plant cells and composed of cellulose which provides structural strength to the plant cell while cell membrane present in all types of cells. the function of the cell membrane is to protect is a semi-permeable membrane.

difference between cell wall and cell membrane
Cell WallCell Membrane
Cell Wall is the non-living, outermost boundary of plant cells, bacterial cells, and fungal cells.The cell membrane is a membrane that surrounds the nucleus and cytoplasm in all types of cells, but in plant cells, it is surrounded by a cell wall.
The cell wall is mainly composed of cellulose and pectin. The cell membrane is composed of phosphor lipids cholesterol and protein molecules.
The cell wall is composed of three main layers, middle lamella, primary wall, and secondary wall. The cell membrane consists of the lipid bilayer in which protein molecules float like icebergs in the sea.
It provides protection and mechanical support to the cell and gives definite shape and rigidity to plant.The cell membrane is a selectively permeable membrane. In animal cells unfolds of cell membrane take in materials, in the form of vacuoles. This process is called endocytosis.

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