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what is ecosystem and what is the importance of ecosystem in our life ?

A natural habitat or system where living organisms and physical components of their environment interact with one another and exchange materials so as to achieve a functional stability is called an ecosystem.


So, what is meant by an eco-system?

An ecosystem is the basic unit of the ecology of living organisms. An ecological community may be natural like pond, lake, stream, river, ocean or a forest. It may be artificial like an aquarium, an artificial pond or an agricultural field.what is ecosystem

An ecological community is a dynamic system where organisms living in the system are always interacting with one another and their environment. Similarly, environmental physical factor influence upon acquisition of energy.

The functioning of the ecological community depends upon the acquisition of energy. The green plants in the ecological community perform photosynthesis to synthesize energy-rich compounds. Plants are called the producers of the ecosystem. Animals depend on plants for their food. They are called consumers.
learn more about ecosystem with this animated video

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