Health Benefits of Pear with Nutrition Facts and Pear Vitamins

What do pears do for your body?

pearPear is a fruit which keeps similarity in shape with guava. Its taste is sweet. Its tree is not produced by seed. China is the most pear producing country around the world. Pear strengthens the body in summer.100 calories present in a single pear. This nutritious fruit contains healthy ingredients such as sugar, phosphorus, vitamin C, proteins and potassium. They also help in keeping our body energetic, safe and secure from various diseases.


People often eat pearls in an unusual manner. they take off the skin. this method is wrong.pears should eat with its skin. The pears tree has also numerous benefits. quacks use these leaves in making medicine. Its flowers are dried up and placed on the wounds by making a paste of it. By which Wound skin gets dry quickly. its tree`s gum is very useful.

Health Benefits of Pear

mouth smell

Mouth smell:

Often mouth smell is treated by the using mouth washes but if we use pears instead of mouth washes, if can treat better. Eating pears not only cure mouth smell but also prevent blood from gum.



Those People who have a complaint regarding the constipation, They should eat pears. If you eat pears after eating a meal, the complaint of constipation will be removed And the intestines will also be clean. If the occupation is old and you are suffering from a long period, then cut two pearls into slices in the evening and mix it with salad.


Then sprinkle salt and lemon juice on it. Use this recipe or salad regularly for eight(8) days. This will correct digestion and also constipation will be gone.



Oil from the pear is also produced. Use of this oil gives amazing benefits. This oil is beneficial for hair and prevents hair from falling.


blood pressureBlood pressure:

Pear is also useful for blood pressure patients. It reduces cholesterol in blood. Using jam of pears also strengthens heart. Add one or two sweet pears to everyday nutrients. It not only removes the skin diseases, but also slow the growth rate.

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