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What is the best exercise you can do?

Hand\Arm Exercises

1. Make a hard punch with your left hand. The joints of your fingers will be white. Now, if you release the punch, your muscles will regain their resting position. Whenever you make a punch, your muscles will become very hard until you release it.
2. Do this exercise also for the other parts of the body.
3. Rotate your left arm and apply the fore on muscles as much as you can. Try to pull your muscles. Now, gently release the force. Lie down on the floor and forget your arm.
4. Do the above exercise also for your right hand.
5. Do arm exercises also for your right arm.

arm exercises

Foot Exercises

foot exercise

6. Bend the toe of your right foot. Bend it until you feel little pain in your feet and then gave rest to your feet.
7. Straight your leg and try to push your feet far from yourself. You feel strength in your leg. These exercises will harden the upper muscles of your whole leg.
8. Left your right foot loose\easy for some time.
9. Left your half leg loose\easy for some time.

Chest Exercises

10. Try to harden the muscles of your chest. Pull the skin of the chest as much as you can with different exercises.
11. Take a deep breath and remain in this position as long as you can. Now, release the breath.
12. Up your shoulders as much as you can. Don’t move your head and try to touch your ears with your shoulders. As it is not really possible in real life, but try to do so.

chest exercises

Neck Exercise

neck exercise

13. Now, it’s your Neck Muscles turn. Down your head and try to pull your neck muscles in a backward direction. Move your face left and right continuously for some time.


14. Move your eyebrows up and down. Continue this practice until you feel very little pain in your eyebrows.
15. Move your eye in the up direction. Simply, saw the cloud up at your head. Now, try to realize that somebody pulls your eyes in an upward direction. You should close your eyes very hardly. Now, rest your eyes while your eyes are closed.
16. When you have done with all these exercises take a deep but slow breath. As slow as you can take easily.

eye exercise

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