Difference between Low level Language and High Level Language

It is very easy to make Difference between Low Level Language and High Level Language. Lets do it by comparing them with the help of a table.

low level language High level language


Low-level language or Machine language is the low level programming language that can be understood by the computer. The high-level language is English oriented language which can also be understood by the computer and human beings.

Way of writing

Every interaction in machine language consists of a large series of 0s and 1s. In assembly language the statements are written in symbolic codes called mnemonics. High-level languages are closer to human language and include statements like GOTO and PRINT which are regular words.


It is difficult to write a program in machine language. It is easier to write high-level language because it is easy to learn and use.

Language translator

Each computer has its own unique machine language. The programs of high level languages are not written for a particular computer.


  • Machine language ( Binary language)
  • Assembly language (Mnemonics)
  • C-language
  • ADA

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