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JSW Full Form

in the contest of JSW Full Form, it is an Indian business group founded by Sajjan Jindal in 1982 located at JSW Centre in Kalina, Mumbai. It stands for Jindal South West (JSW). it is known as the largest business group which has a very strong grip in the field of conglomerate diversified in steel, infrastructure, mining, software, energy, etc. they are also active in cement, ports in many countries including India like the US, and Africa.

they are known as leading and no.1 steel makers in India. they have single blast furnaces with the capacity of producing 4.8 MTPA Steel per month. they can produce 4531 megawatts of power energy. they also develop many types of infrastructures in India such as roads, hospitals, ports, railway tracks, etc. 
JSW Full Form

the other term for JSW Full Form is Japan Steel Works. it is the finest and largest steel company in Japan which is located in Tokyo Japan and manufactures steel and its products.

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