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Impact of Scientific inventions on agriculture development

what is Impact of Scientific Invention on Agriculture?

Agriculture and Scientific Inventions

Agriculture has been revolutionized by scientific inventions. This impact is called the green revolution. Before the scientific era, the most prominent problem for farmers was the uncertain supply of water, storms, change in weather, drought, insects, pests, locusts, plant disease, viral or fungal attacks on plants, slow cultivation, and slow harvesting, and destruction of foods after storage. Today science has overcome many of these problems through many inventions and technology.Impacts of Scientific inventions on agriculture development

  1. Control on Droughts

Extensive irrigation systems have been developed throughout the world. There are systems of dams, canals, and water channels that provide water for crops and save agriculture from droughts and the shortage of rain.

  1. Fertilizers

Fertilizers or manures which supply nutrients to plants and crops have increased crop yield tremendously. Fertilizers have made agriculture possible in those areas where it was not possible due to the shortage of some vital minerals or nutrients.

  1. Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural machinery like tractors, sewing machines, combine harvesters, and Thrashers have made agriculture very quick and efficient. Machines have made agriculture possible in vast times. Cutting, harvesting, husking, and storage have made it safe, quick, and efficient.

  1. Pesticides

A large number of pesticides available in the markets through the development of science have made it possible to save crops from the attack of insects.

  1. Improved Seeds

A variety of efficient and high-yielding seeds have been prepared by plant breeding and genetic techniques. These seeds have tremendously increased the yield of crops.

  1. Disease-Free Plants

Many varieties of plants have been got or improved by genetic or other techniques that can combat the diseases caused by fungi or viruses.

  1. More Crops And Rotation

A new machine has been introduced by Japan that performs multiple functions. It prepares land immediately after cutting one crop for the second crop, drops seeds, and mixes manure. All those activities are performed simultaneously and the farmers don’t have to wait for many days.

  1. Transport of Agricultural Goods

Recent means of transportation have greatly helped farmers to transport agricultural products to factories or markets. It has reduced damage by storage or slow transport.

  1. New Varieties

Many new varieties of plants or crops have been produced. These varieties show many desirable characteristics like high yield and more resistance to weather.

  1. Genetic Engineering

Genetic engineering of plants produced many new plants with high or desirable qualities. These qualities are high yield, lost cost, quick growth, resistance to insects, resistance to drought, resistance to fungal or viral diseases, and good quality of food produced.

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