Graham’s Law of Diffusion: Statement & Formula

Graham’s Law of Diffusion: Graham in 1829, observed the spreading out or diffusion of gases. He postulated that the rate of the diffusion of the gas does not depend upon gravity, but it depends upon the temperature of a gas. Graham's Law

This law states that the “rate of diffusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the Square root of the density of the gas at a given temperature.”

equation 1 for grahams law of diffusion

If we have two gases having rates of diffusion as r1, r2, with densities d1 and d2, then

Graham's Law of Diffusion

Dividing the two equations,

equation 2 for grahams law of diffusionWe also know that densities are directly proportional to the molar masses,

graham's law of diffusion formula


Graham’s Law Formula

graham's law formula

It means that the rate of diffusion can be calculated from the densities of gases and molar masses of the gases.

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