What is The Difference between Micro, Mini and Macro Computers?


the Major Difference between Micro-Mini and Macro Computers is that microcomputer has a microprocessor chip as its central processing unit and often called Personal computer used by a single person, Minicomputer is a small fully functional computer which agencies uses for prototype innovative ideas while macro computers are large in size and used for networking as the main server.

Difference between Micro-Mini and Macro Computers

Lets have a look on them and their functions or properties Right Now.

Micro ComputerMini ComputerMain Frame Computers
The smallest computer in sizeMedium sizeLarge size
Number of users
Normally used by the single person.May be used by 20 to 30 persons at a time.May be used by thousands of users at a time.
It has 4k to 2MB memoryIt has 10MB to 30 MB memoryIt has 100 MB memory
Word length
Its word length is 8 to 16 bitsIts word length is 16 bits.Its word length is 64 bits.
It is used in small business, e.g. home, office and school applications etc.It is used in medium size organization. E.g. laboratories, engineering work etc.It is used in large sized organization, e.g. stock markets, banks, airlines, hotels, hospital etc.

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