What is the Difference Between CNG and LPG?

The Basic Difference Between CNG and LPG is that CNG stands for compressed natural gas and is domestically available, economical, clean-burning, the alternating fuel source for vehicles while LPG stands for Liquified Petroleum Gas and is a hydrocarbon fuel, lighter than petroleum can be used an as an automotive fuel.

Difference Between CNG and LPG in Tabular Form

CNG Stands for compressed natural gas.LPG stands for Liquified Petroleum Gas.
CNG fuel is in the gaseous state.Fuel is in the liquid state.
Common characteristics are: domestically available, the alternating fuel source for vehicles, clean in burning.Common characteristics are: lighter than petroleum, can be used for automotive fuel.
bulkier and heavier storage tanks are used for CNG.relatively, smaller, and lighter storage tanks are used in LPG.
The running cost is lower than LPG.The running cost is higher than CNG.
limited public availability.present in extensive availability.
lesser tune-ups required.It is more refined.
Less power Delivery.High power delivery.

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