Difference between Calculator and Computer

difference between calculator and computer

A Calculator is a smaller, slower, and simpler device that has less memory compared to a computer. also, it cannot use alphabets and numbers and can only perform mathematical calculations with a small display screen with few buttons to input numbers and mathematical operations. on the other hand, when we talk about computers, it is a more complex and faster machine having a large memory as compared to calculators. it is used for a wide range of tasks such as gaming, word processing, internet browsing, and more importantly programing. computers have large screens and mouse/touch pads for input. computers also have much more powerful processors and storage memory than calculators.



The calculator is a mechanical calculating deviceThe computer is an electronic device that accepts data and instructions as input. Processes the data according to the given instructions and produces information as output.


A calculator has limited keysThe computer has a keyboard having various keys for performing various operations.


A calculator has a small screen.A computer has a TV-like screen called a monitor or LCD.


It can process only numeric data.Besides numeric data, it can also process alphabetic and alphanumeric data.


A calculator has small memory.A computer has the ability to store huge amounts of data.

Secondary storage

A calculator cannot store data outside of it.A computer can store data outside itself on disks.

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