Difference between Calculator and Computer

difference between calculator and computer

difference between computer and calculator is that the computer works faster than a calculator, has more memory, and provides the facility to use alphabets as well as numbers while A calculator is slow, has less memory, and cannot use alphabets. the computer allows taking output in printed form and the calculator only provides an output on the screen.



The calculator is a mechanical calculating deviceThe computer is an electronic device that accepts data and instructions as input. Processes the data according to the given instructions and produces information as output.


A calculator has limited keysThe computer has a keyboard having various keys for performing various operations.


A calculator has a small screen.A computer has a TV-like screen called a monitor or LCD.


It can process only numeric data.Besides numeric data, it can also process alphabetic and alphanumeric data.


A calculator has small memory.A computer has the ability to store huge amounts of data.

Secondary storage

A calculator cannot store data outside of it.A computer can store data outside itself on disks.

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