Main Causes and Effects of Corruption on Economy

Corruption is regarded as the mother of all evils. It threatens the foundation of society. It has affected every aspect of our life. It has brought us to the brink of disaster. The Quid-i-Azam once called corruption poison to our society. Unfortunately, our lives are poisoned by it. As a result, our society has become cancerous.

Corruption is of many kinds. No aspect of our life is free from its grip. It has as many forms in Pakistan as there could be. It has become a way of life for us. It has weakened our traditional values. The lust for power and money is the basic cause of corruption. In short, people are ready to be bought and sold. The worst form of corruption is intellectual. It benefits a few people at the cost of others.

Snobbery has become prominent in our social life. The desire to become rich overnight is spreading in society. We adopt every fair and foul means to maintain social prestige. As a result, we follow the path of corruption. This trend has paralyzed the whole of society.

Unemployment and rising prices are other causes of corruption. The essential thing of life is getting beyond the reach of the common man. The Lake of planning has resulted in the lake of devotion. In such a situation, everyone picks whatever comes on his way. So the wolves have become guardians of the sheep. So, the result is corruption.

Even routine matters cannot be settled in our society without passing through mental torture. You cannot get your gas\electric meter connected. You cannot get a case registered in the police station and you cannot settle a land dispute without passing through one misery or the other. The list is almost endless and covers almost every field of our life. No one is free from corruption in this society whether peon or president. Four elected governments in Pakistan have been dismissed on charges of corruption. But those who removed them proved more corrupt.

The corruption stories should not make us hopeless. There are success stories of honesty as well. All of us want to control corruption. The road to salvation may be difficult but not impossible. We can defeat corruption by taking practical steps. We need effective planning. Reforms are required in every walk of our public life. Lawmakers should not be lawbreakers. The media should expose the corruption and stress of simple living. Justice should be ensured. Unemployment should be controlled. We should adopt the habits of self-accountability. We can stop corruption by adopting such behavior.

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