Top Tips to Keep Your Trucks in the Best Condition

Setting up a trucking business is one thing, but keeping the truck business running is another. Of course, you will want to start the right way. Like other businesses, you will need a business plan and an IRP registration, such as the CA IRP registration, to operate your trucks interstate. You will also need to get the right licenses and permits.

Top Tips to Keep Your Trucks in the Best Condition

Now, the question is how you keep your trucks running, and it all starts with effective trucking maintenance.

Here are several tips that you will want to follow to keep your trucks in the best condition.

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Assess the Fluid Levels

To keep your fleet in the best condition, you will want to regularly check the fluid levels. Start with assessing the engine oil, brake, coolant, transmission, power steering, and other trucking fluids that actually only take a few minutes to check.

Believe us when we tell you that by regularly checking the fluid levels of your trucks, you can prevent major truck problems. With regular assessment, you can easily assess a drop in the fluid levels, which allows you to fix things before they become a bigger problem.

Regularly Change Fluids

You will also want to change the fluids in a timely manner. However, the frequency with which you will be changing depends on several factors, including the following:

  • Potential Load Weight
  • Mileage Driven
  • Type of Terrain

On the safe side, you will want to follow the manufacturer’s suggestions when changing the truck fluids. You might feel the need to get additional life out of the trucking fluids to save money; however, this will only benefit you for a short time as it will lead to greater breakdowns later.

Assess Tires

The right tire pressure is extremely crucial if you want to make the most of your trucks. If you are new to the trucking business, you should know that you will want tires to be properly inflated to avoid wear and tear.

The right tire pressure will enable you to optimize fuel economy while providing optimum traction and the ability to brake and carry load at all times. So, you will want to regularly check your truck’s tires and watch out for uneven tires, as these can create alignment or suspension problems.

While checking your truck’s tires, you will want to look out for assessing tread depth and the general condition of the tires to prevent accidents and maintain your fleet. A tie blowout can prove to be extremely fatal, which is why you will want to regularly assess the tires of your truck as a way to prevent trucking accidents.

The Takeaway

The well-being of your trucks is just as important as your own well-being as a truck driver. So, you will want to spend time and effort on maintaining your vehicles. As a truck owner, you will want to train your drivers to regularly maintain their trucks by inspecting the fluids, tires, and brakes.

You will want to be sure you can stop the trucks safely and optimize the braking performance.

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