National unity and its Importance for a Country to Survive

The present-day Pakistan is surrounded by innumerable enemies. The external, as well as internal threats, are shaking its foundation. Many foreign countries are trying to weaken Pakistan. They have brought the war of terrorism to our land; they mislead the young people in one way or the other. As a result, they get ready to destroy our national unity. Our social, political cultural, educational, and economic system is badly affected when our nation is divided into various sects and groups.

Internally, the nation is divided into various castes and creeds. Regionalism and provincialism have proved poisonous for us. It has badly affected our national unity. Many shrewd politicians misuse such a situation. They think on selfish grounds. They work with different religious leaders to divide the nation into different religious sects and groups. They become intolerant to all that is opposed to their outlook.

It is a fact that RAW, an Indian intelligence agency has been fueling sectarianism in Pakistan. It has been creating disturbance not only in Karachi but all over the country. It patronizes different groups to divide and mislead the youth of society. It exploits the poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy of the people. It trains the backward people urging them to adopt separation from Pakistan for the sake of their rights.

It is unfortunate that the people of Pakistan are becoming indifferent to the problems faced by their fellow sufferers. Personal interests have become more important than national interests.

Regional values have taken the place of our national values. It is true that Islam worked as a big force during the Pakistan Movement. Now people use Islam to create hatred among people.

The time has come that we should become sincere with our nation. We should look beyond our personal interests. On the basis of corruption, we should join hands with others for the solidarity of the nation. We should teach our youth the lessons of national unity, discipline, and tolerance. National unity can be attained by following the golden rules of equality and fair play. If we are united, we can march on the road to progress and prosperity.

We need to know the forces working against our national unity. We have to create a sense of ownership in our people. We have to realize that our fate is attached to Pakistan. In this way, the negative forces can be defeated. We have to create tolerance among our people. We should become united and uproot the forces working to divide us. It is true that united we stand, divided we fall.

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