Load Shedding OR Energy Crisis

Why is there going to be an energy crisis?

Presently Pakistan is faced with the worst kind of energy crisis. It is all because of the poor planning of various governments. No additional power plant has been installed and no dam has been constructed for the last many years. it has resulted in the worst kind of load shedding.

The economic and industrial activity stopped. Agriculture is in bad shape and the life of the common man has become hell.

Solutions to maintain Load Shedding/Energy Crisis

Pakistan is rich in hydro resources of energy. The construction of big dams can solve the problem. The coal of Thar is the best in the world. We can easily convert this coal into energy generation. Wind energy and solar energy can also meet the ever-increasing demand for energy.

Exploration of natural gas can work wonders because of our great reserves. The situation of law and order can be improved in the areas where gas can be explored.

Solar energy can be produced on a large scale by the government. It is a workable option, especially in our country. Nuclear energy is yet another source for Pakistan. With the help of these resources, we can expand our energy production.

The energy crisis can also be solved with the efficient use of electricity. The industrial and domestic sectors can play their role in this regard. Our industrial units do not use energy so efficiently. A lot of electricity can be saved by the efficient management of the industrial sector.

Domestic consumers can also lend a helping hand by using less electricity. There should be a minimum use of air conditioners and energy savers should replace the bulbs. Similarly, the honest working of WAPDA authorities can stop the stealing of electricity.

It is a fact that electricity is the lifeline of the national economy and the people at large. Load shedding practically brings the economy and public life to a standstill. The present crisis of energy needs to be tackled by the prompt action of the government. There is hardly any room for excuses or delays.

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