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Thief Guard App APK

Thief Guard App APK

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 Additional Information

  • Name: Thief Guard
  • Category: Apps, Tools
  • Latest Version: v1.1.6
  • Package Name: com.punon.thiefguard
  • Updated on: May 1, 2021
  • Requirements: 6.0+
  • Developed By: Thief
  • File Size:15.09 MB

Thief Guard App APK: If you own a business and you have hired a marketing agency to promote your business, you must be very careful. There are a lot of marketing agencies that create a niche in your business and start stealing your customers. You must be very careful about that. You can use the thief guard app to stop them. This app will give an alert as soon as someone tries to steal your customer. It is a very useful app for business.

Thief Guard app is a new app developed and introduced by Android developers. An updated version of the application is provided without any protection upon installation. However, this includes GPS tracking, intruder selfies, and more.

Thief Guard App screenshots

Although many antivirus applications are created for security reasons. Most of them are working effectively without donations. However, for additional features that can provide tracking, intrusive selfies, power off, etc.

These apps are useless and pointless. That’s why the experts are creating this new stealer app with a focus on the user’s comfort and interest. Not only does it incur costs for mobile users, but it also provides full protection against theft.

In the past, several applications have been developed focused on theft issues. Google added this option to me. So, those who steal your smartphone should know that it offers a full GPS tracking option.

Even with all these options, mobile users will not be able to recover their smartphones. All of these options are internet-based. This means that someone steals your smartphone and doesn’t use your internet connection.

That way people who accept all these options won’t get accurate information. Consider user errors and concerns. Experts have discovered this new thief-guard app. You can download and install it for free on your Android smartphone.

Currently, this app is only available for Android users in Bangladesh. and the main business of the company in Bangladesh. So Bangladeshi people can enjoy its features. Thief Guard will download an updated version of the BD.

What is Thief Guard App APK MOD?

So, this app is an online and offline protection tool for Android users. The main purpose of this tool was to provide security measures to help users prevent the theft of their phones.

It also provides full evidence protection against data theft. You can access key features from within the app. Includes Intruder Selfie, Stop Shutdown, Stop PC Connection, Parcel Theft, Silent Camera, Ringtone Settings, GPS Settings, Mobility Alerts, Disconnect Charging Changes, Locator, SIM Card, and Device Protection Lock.

It is not possible to describe all aspects in detail here. However, with user support and your request in mind, we will discuss some key features of BD Apoc Guard App APK.

The selfie intruder feature captures a silent image of an intruder trying to gain access to your phone. The intruder selfie picture is sent to the user via email. You can also access the Stop Shutdown option.

This disables shutdown mode until a user command is reset. Location Tracker provides complete tracking history. Alter Plus SIM Movement’s security means the app always transmits its full run history.

Also, if a thief accidentally deleted the original SIM. This is because Guard App APK Download will automatically send all information about your new SIM to the same email.

Key Features

  • You can download the free version APK for free here.
  • Installing the application provides several security measures.
  • This will help mobile users recover their smartphones.
  • When a stranger steals your smartphone.
  • You can download a free version of the APK file.
  • Some basic features are available for free.
  • However, to go further, you must purchase a premium subscription.
  • Third-party advertising is not allowed.
  • The user interface of the application is compatible with mobile devices.

Intruder Selfie: Steal the thief’s phone and enter the wrong pattern or password, the thief will send you a photo and location when you try to unlock the phone with your PIN, pattern, or fingerprint. Included in the email. They also provide the location of the thief via SMS instead of another number.

However, in order to determine the exact location of the thief, the location system/GPS of the mobile phone must be turned on.

Turn off shutdown: No one can turn off your phone without your permission. Protect your phone from theft and save your mobile data.

Turn off PC connection: When you connect your phone to your computer (PC) with a USB cable, your phone will automatically lock. Your phone will keep beeping until you enter the correct pattern/password/password. Protect your device from theft and store your mobile data.

Pickup Catting: Alerts you to another number when your phone leaves your pocket. It also activates an alarm to notify you immediately.

Silent camera: Send a secure passcode to your phone from any device via SMS. When your device receives an SMS, the phone thief’s photo ID and email are automatically sent along with the phone numbers of the front and rear cameras. You can collect images from your web admin domain.

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