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Ivive APK

Pictures and images carry different meanings for different people. Do you love photography or fond of preserving history and golden memories for the future? Ivive APK is a simple and revolutionary app that works for the transformation of images. You can create new dimensions for your images with the help of augmented reality using this application. furthermore, there can be added some more animations to the existing sketches. In this way, you can enjoy a better way by saving history from your posterior to reminisce about your past time. 

Every person has a different perspective about their past, and most of them are wanted to look back on it. These memories carried the past in front of us. Each person has to share some moments, can tell a lot of stories, and much more from their past.

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A few years back, it was not so easy to capture our past moments and present them in the future in a remarkable way. However, the current era of artificial intelligence and augmented reality helps us create to celebrate our treasures and antiques with jaw-dropping.

 This reality comes true even better when using Ivive APK app on android. Download the latest version of the app for android 4.3 and higher and install it on your smartphone.

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Additional Information

  • Name: Ivive
  • Category: Apps, Photography
  • Latest Version: v1.0.2
  • Package Name: com.ivive
  • Updated on: May 14, 2021
  • Requirements: 4.3+
  • Developed By: Artivive
  • File Size: 31.13 MB

What is Ivive APK MOD?

Ivive is a tool that provides new aspects and projections to the image we are looking at. Use Augmented Reality to automatically perform this feat through Augmented Reality. This adds great animation and creates a great new dimension to the look and feel of the image.

If so, would you like to provide an image? When we see them, we make them go beyond what they can think of using our brains. To be honest, when we use our imagination, there are limits.

We are not all Picasso or Van Gogh. Said. So if we can’t be as imaginative as avatar writers and famous artists. We can do this using technology. If you are familiar with augmented reality, you can see how augmented reality has influenced the way we experience and see the world.

The Ivive app has all the abilities that can take your creativity to a level beyond human ability. If you don’t know what to say. Check for yourself using the app on your Android device. Experience the world of photography and still life in new ways. Observe new and horribly unexpected movements and imitate life.

Once you’ve created a great animation with your favorite images, you need to share it with your friends and social networks to guide your fans.

Concluding Remarks

A fantastic tool for viewing photographs in novel ways is Ivive APK. uses augmented reality to deliver a fantastic new experience. Simply hit the file from the Android download link to use this special app and all of its advantages.

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