Sixth Sense: Theories, Researches and Results

sixth SenseSixth Sense Theories: Scientists adopt the new theories and ideologies with a combined relation of fear and grievance. If there is a threat of commercial disadvantage, than this fear level increases highly. By far, it’s a healthy preference. But, we compare new theories with old and gold theories. Now, there is a threat that these inevitable and thoughtful theories were rejected. This is because, the new theories are not fit with old theories. In this situation, scientist’s preference is replaced with resentment.


Sixth Sense Researches and Results

These types of reactions are also faced by sixth’s sense theories. Scientists consider it a joke. But there are a lot of deposes of sixth sense. “Tally Patchy and Forewarning” are such a true things like seeing and hearing senses. We understand a very little capability of senses. But in reality, the capability of senses is very vast.
Dr. Peter Fen-wickPeople working in this field have very weird attitudes and behaviors. It is one of reasons that increases the scientists fear. However, some recent researches shows that psychologists are fail to understand some characteristics of human body. Researches also show that some people can share their views and ideas with other people.

Dr. Peter Fen-wick” of Maudsley Hospital (London) and his colleagues have threatened many Emotionlessness, Moribund and Strict Mentally Sick patients. Their work shows that, patients after Tally Patchy and Clairvoyance have some connection between them.
Physicians like this or not! It’s there matter. But, this sense is present in every human being. Only and only human’s mind affect the matter. We don’t know that, how this whole mechanism work? But it’s not true that there is no presence of sixth sense.

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