Rain Weather Cautions with Weather Requirements and Health issues

How to survive in Rainy\Stormy weather?

rainyRain weather brings Prosperity to the faces. There are also some Rainy Weather Caution Requirements in this season. The clouds’ attitudes in this season make sense of happiness in the heart and man is in the form of a strange trumpet and austerity. The moment of changing weather conditions sometimes decreases the severity of heat and sometimes it starts burning.

Diseases in Rain season

Trees and birds also feel this season with the same intensity, the way humans enjoy it. Along with all this, Rainy weather seems to be due to different types of diseases. Cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, mosquitoes, and contaminated water are some of the disorders caused by rain. Apart from this, due to being wet to the rain, Cough, nausea, chest, asthma, and allergies are also likely to be found.

The most important thing that should be done in this season is to take special care during the diet. First of all, take care of cleaning up the home. Especially kitchen cleaning is very important. Wash them well with soap before using pots. Cover food items. Meat meals may be harmful during the rainy season.rain season diseases

Diet Plane\ORS Diet (Oral Rehydration Solution Diet)

Lightweight and edible digestive foods are much better than food-rich and peppered foods. Water should be boiled before drinking. Before eating food, hands should wash well with soap. Vegetables and fruits should wash well before use. Take care of children in the rainy season. Kids suffer from diarrhea due to less care in diet. Children suffering from diarrhea should feed ORS.

ORS feed is very beneficial Because ORS contains glucose, sodium chloride, sodium nitrate, and potassium chloride, which reduce the deficiency of salts in the body. And the kids get healthier early. Besides this, a special attention is needed to clean the children. Because children are more sensitive to us. They will be more likely to suffer from infectious diseases if they are lived in dirty environments. That is why they need to teach safe eating ways and other matters carefully.

Eating food timeless in this season may be harmful. It does not mean that this precautionary procedure is for children only, Instead, they are equally beneficial for people of all ages as for children, Therefore all households should follow these precautions so that they can enjoy this season fully and healthily.

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