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Nothing Launcher APK

Nothing Launcher APK

Nothing Launcher APK is a beta version of Nothing OS having an iconic design language on android. You can find customized weather, Stunning clock widgets, Max icons, Folders, etc. so, you can now easily change icons, themes, smart folders, customized search, and add more cool features on the main screen of your phone by using this new launcher.

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Nother Launcher APK Download becomes handy especially when you buy a new phone and want to add new features and a new look to your phone. Eve, if you are using your old cell phone for a long time and want to flourish it with a new look, download and install this cool app with the latest version.

Most people use OxygenOS Launcher but Nothing Launcher APK is far better than this app. The main problem is that it is available only in the beta version which is still better than many other same kinds of apps.

It is very popular still in the beta version and progressing rapidly among smartphone users every day. We hope there will be some more great features available in the full version later on in the official version in the future. Samsung S21 and S22 series, Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 series, and OnePlus smartphone users can get the benefits of this app however, 8 Oreo or later versions may not support it.

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Additional Information

  • Name: Nothing Launcher
  • Category: Apps, Tools
  • Latest Version: v1.0.0
  • Package Name: 
  • Updated on:
  • Requirements: 5.0+
  • Developed By: 
  • File Size: 6 MB

What is Nothing Launcher APK MOD?

Since Nothing Launcher APK is the latest launcher in beta version for android by NOTING TECHNOLOGY LIMITED. It is a third-party app having a built-in launcher to customize folders, widgets, search options, and other features.

People have preferred these types of third-party apps to change the overall look of their devices and many other features. They like to change wallpapers, widgets, and much more. This application is currently working with v1.0.0 and can work on 8.0 and later for android.

However, there are some unique features in this beta version of Nothing OS that make this app unique from others. They are weather widgets, Max Icons, Max Folders, Iconic Design Language, Advance Themes, and Many advanced features that can be utilized to change the overall look of your phone. These options are enough to completely change the interface of your device.

Key Features

Launcher APK doesn’t have any unique features. Here are a few of the outstanding characteristics.

  • Free to Download and use.
  • Beta version for android.
  • increase the speed of the device with customized settings.
  • uses font styles and visual effects in a unique way.
  • more icons, folders, and search bars are added.
  • specially designed clock, weather and calendar gadgets.
  • limited for some android devices.
  • helps to change the overall look of your device.
  • offers to preview changes before applying.
  • you can reset device settings and features.
  • free bulletin board for queries.
  • Much More.

Minimalist User Interface: the UI is very powerful when compared to the OxygenOS launcher or others. the slim and simple design makes it quick and easy to use.

Very Fast: it is a very fast launcher having a minimal interface. it has also a minimum amount of Add-ons installed.

Currently in beta Version: this is a beta version of the official app that is expected to flourish with many additional features in the future.

Max Icons and Max Folders: the main features of Nothing Launcher are MAx icons and Max Folders. to activate your desired items, press and hold the directories or programs.

Custom Weather and Clock Widget: find custom weather and clock widgets along with dot matrix font for a better user experience.

Nothing wallpaper and style: without using a desktop and color palette, different colors can be assigned with ease.

Two different unique wallpapers: in the beta version, two different wallpapers are added.

Ringtones:  Play the audio files produced by Teenage Engineering for the three phones.

Iconic Design Language:  This software is not only fantastic, but it is also made with a user-friendly, creative, and dynamic design language. There are numerous possibilities, so it is suited for everyone.

Highly Customizable Widgets:  Within the app, you can quickly alter the widget’s appearance and functionality. This involves adjusting the screen’s position as well as its size, shape, and color scheme.

Highly Compatible with Android Devices:  The Nothing Launcher APK is made to function flawlessly on all Android gadgets. The Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 series, as well as the Samsung S21 and S22 series, do, however, currently support it.

Free to Use: It is free for you to use. This program can be downloaded and used without costing anything. Everyone is completely free!

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