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Category:Apps, Social
Latest Version:v3.8
Package Name:
Updated on:July 4, 2021
MD5:No ads
Requirements:Android 5.0+
Developed By:yolikers.com
File Size:7.0 MB

YoLikers APK is a useful app for Facebook users who want to improve their result settings. This app was originally created for Android devices such as tablets and other smartphones. As the name implies, this should work and increase your interest. The program, on the other hand, can only be used on social platforms for productivity purposes.

Millions of users such as Facebook and Instagram love social media. Some of them run companies, exhibit their products, and launch new ones. Most people want to make a great choice in some way. Therefore, they want to prank their friends’ online friends.

Yolikers APK app screenshot

People believe that social popularity can be based on preferences, followers, and discussion comments. For these and many other reasons, we’re introducing car liquor here. This FB liqueur is known as Yoilicar and can withstand all conditions.

What is Yolikers APK?

I know what it means to load different posts on Facebook and get 15-20 likes.

Are you also dissatisfied with what you like?

If so, Yolikers is here to solve your problem. Get likes, comments, followers, and more with this amazing app. Unlimited Facebook.

Did you know that Facebook is one of the most popular social networks on the internet, with nearly 2.4 billion users each month?

If you are a regular Facebook user, this is a good app to get likes and comments. So if you are an Android user and need an app to increase the number of likes and comments on FB, don’t hesitate to download this amazing app.

This application helps you save your FB profile with likes, comments, and reposts. This application is used by thousands of people. Ever wanted to be an influencer and like thousands of likes on your profile?

You can make your dreams come true by downloading this app and giving thousands of likes to your profile. The biggest advantage of this Yolikers app is that you don’t have to pay a dime to enter likes and comments on your Facebook profile. What are you looking for?

Now, let’s increase the number of FB posts. You can find dozens of apps like 500 likes, auto likes, auto likes, 1000 likes, Wefbee, Machine Likes, and more. However, this app has some unique features that make it unique.

Why is Yolikers special?

One of the easiest ways to fall in love with FB is to download the app. Yolikers have special characteristics, so be sure to check them out.

  • Free to use, all like on Facebook are genuine.
  • Unlimited likes.
  • It’s also safe and fast.
  • Virus-free and safe.
  • All likes provided by the app are genuine.
  • You can send photos and videos to get likes.
  • Works on almost all Android devices.
  • Easy to use.
  • More!

How to use Yolikers app?

If you’ve used apps like FB before, you may know how it works, but if you’re a beginner, be sure to follow the steps below:

  1. First, you need to download and install the Yoliker APK file on your device.
  2. Then you need to open the app.
  3. Now that you have the app open, you need to go to the app settings.
  4. Then you need to change the setting to “Public Options Follow Me”. (Note! Make sure your photo or video is publicly available before proceeding to the next step.)
  5. Then you need to select the photo or video you want to emphasize.
  6. Then send the photo or video to the app.
  7. It’s done! Now you get hundreds of Facebook likes for your photos and videos.

KeyFeatures of YoLiker App

If you’re looking for the easiest way to gain popularity on Facebook, this is the best option for you as this app has some great features that will boost your Facebook popularity curve. Here are some great features.

  • It is a free and realistic choice for all public sharing on Facebook.
  • Real users and registered users.
  • The information in this AutoToeLiquor app is safe.
  • Free from viruses and scams.
  • Post your selected photos frequently to get unlimited likes.
  • No Comments Please rate your comments.
  • Work with all public photos and videos.
  • Simple and easy for users.

How do I use YoLiker APK?

  • First, you must be at least 18 years old to use Yolikar.
  • Go to Settings >> ABB Publications >>
  • This is where you need to change who can follow me publicly. (Access this page directly from here)
    Make sure your Facebook photo is published
  • Visit www.YoLikers.com now
  • (If you really want to buy it, buy it from socialmedia99.com, it’s very cheap and safe).
  • Login with Facebook (not secure)
  • Send a visit
  • After logging in, select your favorite photo on the timeline or profile photo.

An auto-liker for Facebook

And while the algorithm that gives more or less credibility to posts on Facebook, one of the most important social networks, is not known in detail, the number of reactions it receives has a corresponding weight. It is natural to be there. Get your attention. That’s why apps exist to automatically get likes and reach more users. And among them are Yolikers.

The functionality of this app is very simple, but you will soon get hundreds of positive reviews. Follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1: log in to the app using the credentials of the Facebook account you are going to link and want to boost.
  2. Step 2: solve the captcha that indicates that you are a person… or at least that you are a smart robot that knows how to resolve captchas.
  3. Step 3: enter the URL with the post you want to promote.
  4. Step 4: wait 15 minutes before promoting another post.

As you can see, everything is very simple, but you shouldn’t expect an effective interface design. What you can expect from an advertisement is a punishment from social networks for using this type of application. Please note that these shortcuts violate the policies of these platforms.

Final Thoughts

I hope you found this article useful. If you have any questions about the app, please ask in the comments section below. Overall, Yolikers is one of the best automated Facebook apps for increasing Facebook likes and comments. So download the app and get unlimited likes of your photos and videos.

Google Play Additional Information for App:

Yolikers – The free Facebook Auto Like APK has just been released and quickly became popular. It has a 5-star rating on the Google Play store. This is part of the Google Play Store category. This is a simple application. So you don’t have to worry about space.

Yolikers-Free Facebook Auto Likes APK is developed and provided by Android users all over the world, so you can read your favorite content in one place for free.

The best thing about Yolikers-The free Facebook Auto Likes APK is to update your daily trading section. If you are looking for a new version that cannot be found in this application, you can request a download.

One of your memorable things is that this app is only compatible with Android devices. People using other operating systems will not waste time downloading this app. That didn’t work for them. Therefore, please wait for a while in the future until other operating systems and developers develop this application you can.

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