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This is a trial version, Gacha Designer APK, so once you get used to it, you will be more likely to vote. Anyway, this is a beta file/program, so stay tuned! Everything is fine. I just added hat and hair access, website, comments, and likes and created a live chat for fun. So don’t swear there. Gacha Designer is a Gacha MOD that adds new features to the game, especially character development.

Gacha Designer App

Its main feature is that it allows you to create and interact with a wide variety of characters through the two main innovations of this MOD, Operation Mode, and Battle Mode. It allows players to choose outfits, hairstyles, and weapons as animated characters while partying with other players.

Customers can showcase their creative programming skills with the game platform studios. Customers can freely choose from a variety of predictions such as B. Hair, Body, Clothing, Accessories, Pets, Items, and more.

There is also a tableau where storytellers create narrative situations that provide a more realistic experience for the audience. Now you can make anime and manga characters that are small or childish characters from joke designers. For this, we choose clothing items.


Examples of shirts, skirts, gloves, clothes, socks, shoes, beards, eyes, faces, and hair. The collection can be saved or shared using OOC codes and the Gacha Designer app is easy to use. Players in Brazil and around the world are very enthusiastic about this aspect of the game, which allows the player’s imagination to be as flexible as possible. Learn more about Gacha Designer APK.

Additional Information & App Specifications

App NameGacha Designer
Last UpdatedNov 25, 2022
Latest Versionv27.29.935
Package Namecom.gachadesigner
CategoryApps, Tools
Size40 MB
Developer/App ByLunime Inc.

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Best Things About Gacha Designer APK

Gacha Designer Edition is an online game that allows players to dress up as animated characters and choose outfits, hairstyles, and weapons while having fun with other players. Customers can show off their creative coding skills using the studio that comes with the gamepad.

Customers can choose from many presets based on their preferences such as hair, body, clothing, accessories, pets, items, and more. There are also storyboards that create storytelling situations that give the audience a more authentic experience.

The collection can be saved or shared in OoC code and is very easy to use. If you’re comfortable using the app with the Gacha Designer beta, let me know and I’ll add the audio. In this section, you will find accessories, scarves, and hairstyles, as well as places to post, chat, and like online.


I created a live mod and online chat for those who want to find hidden treasures. You don’t need to give us your email address to sign up here! Adding photos and pfp to your account is also an option!

Hope you enjoy this free game! Now you can create anime and manga characters that are small or childish characters from Gacha Designer.

To do this, we choose the pieces as we choose the clothes. T-shirts, skirts, gloves, dresses, socks, shoes, beards, eyes, mouths, and hair are examples of clothing. Collections can be saved or shared with OOC codes and Gacha Club Edition is easy to use.

7 Hot Features that Can’t Be Found on Similar Apps

Character Editor for Gacha

Anyone who knows franchises knows that they are dedicated experts. This time, the character editor has received a complete update and many improvements, from higher animation resolution and animation catalog to hairstyles, clothing, and accessories. There is no official source that reveals the number of possible combinations when playing Gacha Club, but adding up the data collected, it can be said that there are tens of thousands of combinations.

  • Additional characters 90
  • The color palette for all things
  • Each character has over 600 poses
  • There are hundreds of accessories
  • There are hundreds of pets
  • Characters have unique profiles
  • Easily share with all your friends

Yes, that’s great, but there’s so much more. What’s the point of just creating a static character? we have more

The Gacha Studio Mode

Imagine working in a professional studio where you are the director, writer, animator, and everything in between. Although the description of what you will see when you install Gacha Club on your mobile sounds like a dream, it is very true.

At this stage, the following is more obvious.

  • You can create scenes for up to ten characters at a time.
  • You can add more items, accessories, and pets.
  • You can choose from a large library of wallpapers and other backgrounds
  • With chat balloons, you can create conversations and interactions in your story.
  • A narrator makes the story livelier.
  • Write stories for up to 15 consecutive scenes

And there’s more. However, if you prefer local games, Gacha Club will surprise you too.

You Can Also Find Games and Battle Mode in Gacha

Actually, there are two things here. The game features four different battle modes where you can enjoy the best gacha characters, items, and stories.

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