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  • Name: PMU Poker
  • Category: Apps, Entertainment
  • Latest Version: v7.1.0
  • Package Name: fr.pmu.poker&
  • Updated on: Oct 01, 202
  • Requirements: 4.1+
  • Developed By: PMU
  • File Size: 316 MB

PMU Poker Apk is the funniest app to play poker right now! You no longer have to search for jackpots. Play with thousands of players of all skill levels from your mobile. PMU Mobile Screen has an app that works with Apple and Android products. Players can join different tables to challenge each other or play against desktop players at PMU Poker. Please note that it is possible to play for real money and play for real money. This smartphone poker game is quick and easy to play with everything the room has to offer.

PMU Poker App

  • money game
  • go sit down
  • MTT tournament
  • There are three types of poker:
  • pot limit hold’em
  • keep them indefinitely

Blind winnings range from € 0.01 / € 0.02 to € 25 / € 50, and tables can be made up of 2 players (heads-up), 6 players (shorthanded), and 9/10 players (full ring).

PMU Poker – Cash game, Spotpoker, Sit & Go, Tournois android app developed by PMU is listed in the Entertainment7 category. Its current version is 6.6.1 and was released on January 21, 2019.

According to Google Play PMU Poker – Cash Games, Spotpoker, Sit & Go and Tournois have achieved over 50,000 installs. PMU Poker – Cash Games, Spotpoker, Sit & Go, and Tournois currently have 251 ratings with an average rating of 2.6. PMU Poker is the new must-have app for playing poker! Play Sit & Go’s, Stud, SNG Jackpots, Spotpoker, Cash Games, and various tournaments from your mobile.

What is PMU Poker APK MOD?

PMU Poker Apk is your new essential program for playing poker! Look no further to win jackpots: Sit & Go, Stud, SNG Jackpots, Spot Poker, Cash Games, and from your mobile Play various tournaments.

You will have the opportunity to play in a variety of formats including tournaments, Sit & Go, Jackpot, Cash Poker, and cash games like Texas Hold’em and Omaha. Practice playing with chips before you bet! If you are new to PMU Poker, you can bet virtual money to improve your skills.

main interface of PMU

Learn to bluff and try different combinations of cards to improve without losing the game. When you’re ready, you can start open game modes like Sit & Go Jackpot and Freeroll Tournaments. Play over 350 daily tournaments in a variety of classic or satellite qualifying tournaments to earn a seat on the World Poker Tour (WPT).

French Championship of Poker (FPC) and other prestigious tournaments. Guaranteed over 2 million monthly income! MULTI-TABLE Play up to 4 poker games simultaneously in multi-table to increase your chances of winning This feature is available in all game modes: Cash Games, Spot Poker, Sit & Go SNG Jackpots, and Tournaments. Join the PMU community and win your bets.

What are you waiting for?

This app allows you to earn money by playing at your own pace. Start with convenient tables and increase your winnings regardless of your initial bet. A welcome bonus awaits you in the app! Believe in yourself To download apps from overseas departments or regions, please contact customer service.

PMU is a revolusionary app

PMU Poker has mobile apps for Apple and Android devices. PMU Poker allows players to compete at different tables or against fixed players on a computer. You can play for real money and play for money at the same time.

Playing poker on your smartphone is quick and easy, with all the offers available in the room:

  • Cash Games
  • Singo
  • MTT Tournaments

Poker is classified into three types:

  • Limit Texas Hold’em
  • Pot limit in Hold’em
  • No Limit Hold’em

Tables are available for 2 (heads-up), 6 (short-handed), or 9/10 with blinds ranging from € 0.01 / € 0.02 to € 25 / € 50. (full circle).

Key Features

Play all forms of poker

Play tournaments, sit & gos, spins, cash poker, and cash games in Texas Hold’em or Omaha.

Enjoy an interactive and vibrant gaming experience

Simply play in portrait mode on your smartphone and use emojis to express your emotions and react to your opponents. Collecting diamonds and activating the “throw” function allows you to throw the most impossible to your opponent or use the rabbit function to collect cards indefinitely. sporting successes. descend

After that, the train goes to play in virtual mode.

do you want to start? PMU Poker allows you to improve your skills using the virtual mode. Learn to bluff and try different combinations of cards to improve without losing the game. When you’re ready, you can start open game modes like Free Tournaments and Tournaments.

The train then runs to play in virtual mode

great welcome offer

Get a € 25 new player bonus for € 5 to create a poker profile.

Over 250 tournaments every day

Take part in various tournaments with over € 4 million guaranteed every month, from the classic and popular Powerfest Daily Legends festival to the Tournament of Stars. Qualify for satellites in France and qualify for prestigious tournaments in Marrakech, Las Vegas, and Barcelona.

Play up to 4 tables simultaneously

Increase your chances of winning by playing 4 poker games simultaneously on the screen. This feature is available in all game modes: Cash Games, Spot Poker, Sit and Go Spins, and Tournaments.

Regular offers and promotions

There are many promotions, rankings, and events for each player’s profile. Whether you are an experienced player, a novice, or an avid gamer, visit our offers section to find activities that will keep you entertained and offer bonuses and tickets. Also, join our cashback loyalty program as a regular customer and earn weekly cash rewards.

Regular offers and promotions

Download PMU Poker APK

PMU Poker is the most fun way to play poker. You don’t have to look far to find your jackpot. Play with thousands of players of all skill levels right from your mobile device.

Online poker is now available on the French Turf site. Many Texas Hold’em and Omaha tournaments are available through poker software. Beginning players can learn the rules of poker at the Poker School and help them along the way.

However, playing online poker on the PMU site is reassuring. Horse racing enthusiasts are eager to try new things while learning about Tierse, Karte, and other horse racing. With the advent of the Internet and smartphones, poker has been able to grow the card game community.

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