Effects and Causes of Unemployment in a Society

Unemployment is one of the greatest problems. It pollutes society and creates criminals. An unemployed person suffers from an inferiority complex in society. It is difficult to expect honesty and nobility from a person who cannot buy medicine for his ailing child. So an unemployed person cannot pay proper attention to his social and moral duties.

Unemployment is a worldwide problem but it has hit backward countries in the worst way. It creates the feeling of failure in man. It spreads hunger and poverty. It has become one of our national problems. About 30% of our population is living below the poverty line because of unemployment. It has affected the educated as well as the uneducated.

There are various reasons for unemployment. The rapid growth of the population is one of them. Every year thousands of new mouths are born to be fed. The resources of the country are very limited. New resources are not generated as rapidly as the fast-growing population. Most of the resources are under the control of the elite.

Our education system is faulty and does not teach the dignity of labor. It fails to ensure the mental, moral and technical development of the students. It has generated unemployment because it does not prepare the students for the specific vocations in life. It lays stress on general and liberal education and fails to produce skilled people.

There is a lack of technical and vocational institutes in the country. So our graduates are more suited to clerical jobs than to skilled factory operations. Similarly, there is no coordination between our educational and industrial programs. As a result, there is no proper network of industries that could ensure employment for the people.

Effective steps are required to control unemployment. Population bombs should be defused before their explosion. More technical and vocational institutes should be set up. Similarly, more industrial units should be set up. Mineral resources should be used properly.

A positive revolution can come if the human resources and mineral resources of the country are used honestly. The culture of merit should be introduced. The state should shoulder its responsibilities. It should create opportunities for employment for every citizen. The public should cooperate with the government to defeat unemployment. The problem of unemployment can be solved with help of the rulers and the ruled alike.

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