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Contact Lens: Advantages and Disadvantages

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of Contact Lenses ?

According to a local survey report, 76% people prefer contact lenses due to its benefits while remaining 24% people discuss about the disadvantages of contact lens. They prefer glasses and thick that glasses are suitable than lenses. Would you wants to compare Lens and Glasses?

However, medical science is progressing day by day. The numbers of new medical equipment are increasing as time gone. Medical science proves that the lenses are a great thing for active lifestyle. Many of Contact Lens advantages and disadvantages are given below, which light up the uses of lenses in daily life.

Advantages of contact lens:

  • The main and very clear advantage of contact lens is that the no extra weight on face
  • They won’t hide the real beauty of your eyes
  • There is a wider vision field
  • These are moveable with your eyes and you have no need to slightly move y
  • our face like glasses
  • Lenses have no frame to obstruct your vision
  • They remains clear for long time
  • They have an option to alter eye color via different colored lenses
  • Lenses do not fog up in winter or rainy season
  • Great for active life style
  • A wide variety of lenses is available in market
  • Excellent for sports, athletic or other physical activities

“To every action, there is always a reaction” is a well-known theory of Physics. But, this theory is not only working in physics. It also works in almost all fields of daily life, and if something give advantage than it must have disadvantages.It is impossible that a thing gives only advantages and have no disadvantages or side effects.

When we discuss about the advantages of Contact Lens than the first question about the lenses in our mind is about its disadvantages. In this section its disadvantages are also discussed.

Disadvantages of contact lens:

  • Require daily attention and maintenance
  • It require some more time to many people
  • Unlike glasses, they tend to cost a lot more than regular glasses
  • You had to do a lot of care while handling glasses
  • More difficult to use
  • Its maintenance includes other costs associated with accessories and cleaning solutions
  • If forget to clean than it leads to Eye infection or irritation
  • Unlike glasses, they can easily be lost if fall out

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