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Case Opener Mod APK

Case Opener Mod APK

Case Opener Mod APK: This game is designed for fans of virtual shooting in CS: GO. In it, the user has to open a holster with their own weapon. Many weapons are rare and not always found in shooters, so players will be happy to collect coveted weapons from very similar armories. It’s not a clicker game and you don’t have to tap endlessly like other clicker simulators.

All worldly situations can be completely free and completely open even if you are not ready. Don’t wait any longer: grab it, choose a case, and start unpacking! Try your luck now!

skins in 3D

Finding: Skins found in this simulator cannot be transferred to live inventory from recreational Counter-Strike: World Offensive (CSGO). It made it all very real. There are several types of cases. All weapons have units that can be used by specific users.

It is possible to open very rare cases where you can win a large sum. Players can freely add to their arsenal. The main menu has three tabs. As you know, Valve Corporation is a well-known game maker in the gaming industry with many famous titles.

Games created by Valve Corporation always attract a lot of attention from players. Almost all the games they create are highly rated on Steam. If you don’t know, Steam is a game store developed by Valve Corporation. Among the many games they release, the most popular FPS game is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

try your luck

This is a very popular and player-friendly game that was recently released for free on Steam. It’s not just the game’s gameplay that draws players to CS: GO, it’s what unlocks the Vault. It is not so strange for many players around the world. Strings seem to be very popular in games.

However, some games have introduced an open payment feature that players can experience. The game that does just that is Case Opener. It is a simulation game that is loved by many players in the CS: GO community.

Random drops and relics are available at first, and after reaching a certain rank level a special drop section will open. The highest rating is given for research on rare weapons. Case Opener – A simulator that will only appeal to fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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Additional Information

  • Name: Case Opener 
  • Category: Apps, Tools
  • Latest Version: v2.10.1 
  • Package Name: 
  • Updated on: Oct 06, 2022
  • Requirements: 5.0+
  • Developed By: Efez Games
  • File Size: 44 MB

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What is Case Opener Mod APK?

Case Opener MOD APK Download: This is not a clicker game and you don’t need to tap endlessly like other clicker simulators. All standard suitcases can be opened free of charge and without waiting.

This amazing mobile app is specially designed for CS: GO virtual battle fans. Android projects require users to handle opening cases, including special types of weapons.

cases in minigames

Most weapons are considered rare and are not always found in popular team shooters, so every user likes to put his favorite weapons in a huge gun cabinet. The toy contains many types of boxes, each containing a weapon unit that can be used by a particular player.

Key Features

  • Probably the most realistic illustration of the opening
  • 3D preview
  • All situations with memories
  • Updated minigames – Improved skins
  • Swap – Swap skins with your teammates and other players
  • Crash Mini-Game – Guess and win faster than Crush!
  • DoubleRoulette – Shade and double your skins!
  • Jackpot – Deposit skins and try to win the whole pot
  • Pore and Skin Quiz – Find out if you are a Pore and Skin, Expert
  • Bomb Defuse – Note code and shading to avoid explosion
  • Pores and skin broth
  • Participant statistics and more than 30 game achievements Game ranking
  • Agreement; upgrade 10 skins for a level 1 boost (with StatTrak)
  • To show the pores and skin value of the Automatic Steamer market
  • Available languages: English, Polish, Russian, Chinese
  • Unlimited financial availability
  • Unlock all premium features
  • unlimited coins
  • unlocked all levels
  • No advertising
  • all unlimited
  • Lots More

Open the crate for free

In CS: GO, many of our favorite players learn not only about gameplay but also about opening cases. Many players spend a lot of money just to open chests. If the player wants to open the bag, the player must have the bag and he must have the key to unlock it.

None of these are free, but the player has to spend money to buy them, and that money is not cheap. The purchase price is also much lower than usual.

collect your inventory

When players enter the game, they do not need to deposit any money into the game, but they can experience the real and exciting feeling of opening the chest.

When the player starts the game, the game offers the player money that can be used to buy cases and keys. If the player is lucky, he can get rare equipment and sell them to earn more money.

Collect rare skins

The game offers a variety of skins for players to collect, including many skins ranging from guns to melee weapons. All appear in-game to be collected by the player. In CS: GO, the number of skins and the number of chests are all present in this game for the player’s experience.

From guns to knives and even gloves, each weapon has skins that players can collect. Divided into different qualities, according to rape and beauty. General category from lowest to highest. This is the most famous type, anyone can own it and it is mostly free.

skins quiz

Industrial grade is next, more expensive but not worth collecting. The Mil-spec grade is a type that has started to have high collector value, designed for military standards and styles. Souvenirs are the rarest items players can own in the game. In CS: GO, the only way to get them is through tournament chests.

Trading and selling

Chests and game keys are cheap, but not everyone is lucky enough to open rare skins. Then there are ways to prevent players from opening chests, but getting what they want, which is by trading with others. Players can contact other players to trade what they have and get what they don’t.

However, if the player is unable to obtain the items requested by others, the money can be used to purchase them. Players should think carefully before making a purchase decision as it can be 50% higher than the original price.

Players can also sell what they don’t need and buy more chests to earn money. This is the method that most people prefer and often use to earn money.

Bet with opponents

There is another way to receive items that the player does not have. It is a form of betting. However, this format carries many risks. If you are unlucky, the player may lose all items.

Players simply place what they want to replace and the game automatically provides corresponding items for the player to decide. If he is lucky, he has the required item, otherwise, the player can choose the corresponding item.

There are two sides to the coin, terrorist and counter-terrorist, and the player chooses one of the two sides to start the game. If you’re lucky, you’ll get them all when the coins land on the spot chosen by the player. If you lose, you lose all player equipment used for the bet.

 Final Thoughts

Congratulations. Now that Mod Case Opener is installed on your Android device, you can hack this game and enjoy it. This mod uses very good features, so follow the steps above to download the mod and enjoy it.

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