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Waifu2x Pro Mod Apk

You can double the size of your photos on an Android device without sacrificing quality or improving sharpness. You can double the size of your photos and images with just one click. Waifu2x Pro Mod Apk

Waifu2x Pro Mod APK

Enhance the look of your photo by reducing noise. Since Waifu2x Pro Mod Apk has been running for a long time, many people have managed to improve their image quality with the help of this website and our android device.


Best Things About Waifu2x Pro Mod Apk

Waifu2x is an Android application that lets you duplicate an image without sacrificing quality or improving clarity. You can easily duplicate your photo and image with just one click. Waifu2x is a web renderer that lets you resize images or photos quickly and easily.

By simply submitting your image, Waifu2x processes it, adjusts its size, and reduces noise (also known as naming) for stunning results. Some users see us as Waifu2x Pro App, but the real name is Waifu2x, you know. Just a comment, nothing more.


Waifu2x Pro Mod is an expression for a fictional character, usually in anime, manga, light novels or related media, for whom there is great and sometimes romantic love.

Examples of wives: Hatsun Miku (VOCALOID2), Himiko Toga (My Hero Academy), Asuka Langley (Neon Genesis Evangelion), and Rias Grammarly (DXD High School).

They all need a lot of money to improve their images and keep their servers up and running, and the website alone doesn’t bring in enough income.

Therefore, if you find the Internet useful and acceptable, we strongly encourage you to contribute what you deem appropriate to our Patriot page to help maintain and improve the site. If you choose to participate, you will have access to unique benefits such as B. Initial access to surveys for our apps and new features.

Think about it, but if you can’t or don’t want to, don’t feel obligated to participate. Waifu2x Pro Mod Apk is currently available for all users for free.

Additional information and App Specifications

DeveloperNut Software
Last UpdatedDec 12, 2022
CategoryApps, Tools
Size14 MB

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  • The unlimited number of imported images, GIFs and videos.
  • It supports SRCNN and CUnet models from the original waifu2x project.
  • Support Real ESRGAN model for images and photos.
  • Dedicated master page for anime-style images.
  • Custom climbing mode. You have the option to resize the image to 128x, 1.5x, fixed size, etc.
  • Support for various ways to import photos and videos: albums, files, drag, and drop, other programs, and shortcuts.
  • Support for images with alpha channel.
  • Multiple output formats: PNG, JPEG, HEIF, WebP, MP4, MOV, GIF, APNG, AWebP.
  • Multiprocessor backend. You can choose between the best quality or the fastest speed.
  • Record output images and videos directly from external (using online drives such as SMB).
  • Full support for 16-bit color and color space. Does not affect color accuracy after processing.
  • Highly optimized RAM usage. You can easily create images that don’t even fit your device’s RAM.
  • It supports deleting or replacing the original photos and videos after deleting them from an album.
  • It supports image alignment before processing, which is useful when processing some photos.



SRCNN and CUnet models have been ported from Waifu2x Pro Mod Apk. All templates run on your device, so you don’t need to upload images or videos to the server.

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