Biology Fields with Different Careers in Biological Science with Details

What are the different fields of biology?

It is essential that students of today, who will occupy positions of leadership tomorrow, have the background of the modern and forward-looking branches of science. Accurate and modern knowledge of biology will promote comprehension of both science and scientific research projects. It will benefit the learners in a diverse list of careers. The following are the biology fields that a student of biology can plan to adopt. You will need to enroll in a good college like CCA Singapore to get the right courses, and faculty for all these courses.

Biology Fields and Careers


The profession of medicine deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in humans. In surgery, the parts of the body may be repaired, replaced, or removed. For example, the removal of stones through renal surgery, transplantation of kidney, liver, etc. Both these professions are studied in the same basic courses (MBBS) and then students go for specialization.


Fisheries are the professional study of fish production. These are departments in which professionals of fisheries are employed. They serve for enhancing the quality and quantity of fish production. In Pakistan, this profession can be adopted after the bachelor’s or master’s study of zoology and fisheries.

Agriculture (one of the famous biology fields)

This profession deals with the food crops and animals which are the source of food. An agriculturist works for the betterment of crops like wheat, rice, corn, etc., and animals like buffalo, cow, etc. from which we get food. Many universities offer professional courses on agriculture after higher secondary education in biology.

Animal Husbandry

It is the branch of agriculture concerned with the care of breeding of domestic animals (live stocks) e.g. cattle, sheep, etc. professional courses in animal husbandry can be adopted after higher secondary education in biology.


It deals with the art of gardening. A horticulturist works for the betterment of existing varieties and for the production of new varieties of ornamental plants and fruit plants. Biology students can adopt this profession after higher secondary education.


It deals with the development and maintenance of different types of farms. For example in some farms animal breeding technologies are used for the production of animals that are better protein and milk sources. In poultry farms chicken and eggs are produced. Similarly, in fruit farms, different fruit-yielding plants are grown. A student who has gone through this professional course in agriculture, animal husbandry or fish, etc. can adopt this profession.


In forestry, professionals look after the natural forest and advice the government about growing artificial forests. Many universities offer professional courses after higher secondary education in biology or after bachelor-level study of zoology and botany.

Biotechnology (famous biology fields)

It is the latest profession in the field of biology. Biotechnologists study and work for the production of useful products through microorganisms. Universities offer courses in biotechnology after higher secondary education in biology and after bachelor-level studies in botany or zoology.

Heading: Agriculture (one of the famous biology fields)

Whether it’s agriculture or Horticulture, your child is going to get better training and perspective with the outdoor education¬†process. So, international schools are going to be a perfect destination for students.

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