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Worst Injector APK Additional Information

  • Name: Worst Gaming Injector
  • Category: Apps, Tools
  • Latest Version: v21
  • Package Name: com.worst.injectornew.ui
  • Updated on: May 10, 2021
  • Requirements: 5.0+
  • Developed By: WG Skin Injector
  • File Size: 5.4 MB

If you want to play the games of your choice on your computer or mobile without any difficulties then you need to use an Android emulator for pc. One such app is the Worst Injector APK for Gaming which is available for download on the internet. You will also find out about some other Android emulators for pc that are available.

It doesn’t matter how much you love your hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Giving them a new look will refresh your mind and give you something else to see with your eyes.

How do I get it?

Well, we got the worst shot in the game. The features of this app have won your heart and you will definitely need it for your Android device. Stay tuned until this app shows you the amazing features it has to offer.

Worst Injector screehshots

How to use is also explained. Also known as the WG Skin Injector, this injector breathes new life into your character’s clothing and avatar collection. Just download the latest version of APK for free from this site and install it on your Android phone or tablet.

What is Worst Gaming Injector APK?

Also known as New MI Skin Injector, it is a skin injection tool for the famous game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. This action game is also available on the Play Store and has millions of users.

A place where you must fight and defeat true human enemies. As you know, not all ML tools and content are available for free. Some features are available for a fee. The new MI Skin Injector is a cheat that unlocks all these features.

Join the game with millions of users and show off your latest gadgets by downloading the app here. This latest version of Worst Gaming adds extra features. You should get this even if you are using an older version of the app.

We know the worst APK game skin injector is a real gift for you. This trick is the most popular and we will try to get it here. You can now customize your heroes in new and cool ways.

That said, WG Skin Injector is a hacking tool and comes with some risks, but obviously, it always comes with this type of tool. If caught, you will face a time limit or a permanent ban on the gaming platform.

There is a safe way to enjoy hacking. You can hire without compromising your identity and account. You will need to use a guest account to access the game or use a VPN to change your login ID.

How to Use the Worst Injector APK for Gaming?

Once the app is installed on your Android smartphone, tap to open it. This starts the worst injector app. You will be prompted to enter your password. Enter the one mentioned above. After unlocking the app.

You can see all the characters and heroes as well as new skins. The next step is to choose the avatar you need. This is implemented in the game. You can go back and change it as many times as you like. You can also try the following injection app for MLBB.

Key Features

The best feature of this Worst Gaming Injector Apk is that it displays a long list of options. Easy to use in-game:

  • Another user interface has been designed to give the game a whole new look.
  • The app has built-in tamper protection.
  • New Skin Grog Dog
  • All Gushion skins, including those, already lost.
  • Change mask
  • All Nana skins
  • X Skin Blog
  • Special skins for Starlight and Valil

List of Heroes and Worst Gaming Injector Skins:

Here is a list of all heroes and characters. These can be injected into the MOBA and you just need to choose the one you want. The list also included avatars that existed with old and new hacks.

Take a look at the names below:

  •  Aldous
  •  Grock
  •  Chang’e
  •  Gusion
  •  Hanzo
  •  Lolita
  •  Silvanna
  •  Valir
  •  Fanny
  •  Estes
  •  Nana
  •  X Brog

Password for Worst Gaming Injector APK

Once the Worst Gaming Injector Apk is installed on your smartphone, there is another step to access the app. You will need to enter your password to go to the other side. So we share passwords with you. Just type in the box displayed in the app. The password is:

Password: Worst Gaming

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