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Qureka Pro APK MOD Earn Free Paytm Cash: There are many applications on the Internet for simple tasks such as naming friends and playing Instant Paytm Cash games, which may appear in other features. Many of you don’t think gambling can make money. If you are a regular visitor, you should check our best benchmarks and make money by creating shells and apps.

In this article, we’ve covered the best referral and revenue apps for 2020. Install this app on your smartphone to earn unlimited money and free refill tips. Again, we share a great “Qureka Pro APK” application. Qureka Pro APK is called by many “Qureka Live Trivia Game Show”.

Qureka Pro app screenshot

Qureka Pro is a game app that allows you to play games and real money in your Paytm wallet or bank account. Qureka Pro APK includes games such as Cricket T20, Fantasy Cricket, Bubble Shooter, Candy Burst, Fruit Slash, Save Panda, and Don Nut Crush. You can choose one of them and start making money with Play and Win Paytm Cash.

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Additional Information

Name:Qureka Pro
Category:Tools, Personalization
Latest Version:v1.0.0.85 
Package Name:play.game.champ.win.cash.alpha
Updated on:
Oct 22, 2020
Requirements:Android 4.4+
Developed By:Qureka
File Size:11 MB

What is Qureka Pro MOD APK?

Qureka Pro APK is an Android app for Indian users who can play and win Paytm Cash. You need to participate in a game tournament where you can earn money based on points. If you have MPL. Or use Qureka and you’ll see that this app is similar.

Today, there are many apps on the internet that you can use to make real money. Many of them don’t believe it, but there are certainly many games and quiz apps where you can earn real money. We offer many apps on our site that you need to check out. There was a game app called the Game Champ app that worked well, but due to a problem, the app was removed.

When the GameChamp app was deprecated, they developed another similar app called Qureka Pro. Yes, Qureka has discontinued the Game Champ app and restarted it as Qureka Pro. Qureka has another app called Qureka Live Trivia Game Show. In this app you have to play quizzes, win and make money. You now have all the details of the Qureka Pro gaming app.

How To Download Qureka Pro Apk on Android

There is a website that offers a Qureka Mod APK, but here at www.ExamplesPedia.com, you can find the original Apk file. I checked the APK file with various tools to make sure it was virus-free, so I can trust it.

To download the APK file, press the download button above this article.

  • Step 1: Press “OK” to start the download. The Qureka Pro app is 100% virus-free and safe to download.
  • Step 2: Wait for the download to complete.
  • Step 3: Press Settings to approve the installation From Google Chrome.
  • Step 4: In the settings, enable and allow the installation of Qureka Pro from unknown sources.
  • Step 5: Press Install to install the Qureka Pro app
  • Step 6: Click Open to use the app.

Key Features 

If you are a student, a part-time player, and want to make money while playing, Qureka pro-APK is perfect for you. Qureka Pro is a website, platform, and app that makes money for thousands of players. The special thing about this app is that you will be rewarded for completing missions.

This reward can be withdrawn directly to your bank account, Paytm, UPI, etc. That’s why it attracts new users and grows daily. This app is currently only available in India but will be fully available in the next few days.

One of its features is that it doesn’t allow users to get bored because playing is a gamer’s hobby and making money is another matter.

  • The smartest and easiest way to earn passive income without investing in your free time.
  • There are already several matches on the stage. Play a very talented game.
  • Free daily live game sample quiz. You can play every day and make money.
  • Interested in daily quiz questions? However, you can also take a quiz in an hour.
  • Over 6 puzzle games are already part of a great community.
  • Highly compatible with all Android operating systems.
  • You can also contact us from the official website.
  • Lots more.

After reading this article, I’m sure you will consider earning some additional income. Don’t hesitate to get Qureka Pro APK and make your dreams come true.

How to play games on Qureka Pro APK?

The Qureka Pro app has over 13 games. How to play and earn Paytm Cash:

  • Open the app and make sure the Games tab is displayed.
  • Select the game you want to play.
  • Please select the contest you want to participate in.
  • Play the game now and try to get the highest score possible.
  • If you are in a battle, you will need to earn more points than your opponent and you will only have one chance.

Play Games and Win Cash Prizes

First of all, everything you need to download Qureka Pro APK on your Android device will install it. Next, you need to log in. If this is your first time, you can click Register to register your account.

After this process, select the game you need and start playing. You will later receive coins as a reward, you can convert them into cash.

How does the Qureka pro reward system work?

The platform is extremely profitable as it contains ads from various companies. Distribute some of these benefits to your users.

Since your income is completely user-dependent, you will distribute a portion of your income to your users, and moreover, the cash price will depend on the level you choose, the higher the level, The reward will be higher.

Plus, the app is updated daily, weekly, and monthly to add new game formats so you never touch your board.

How to withdraw cash from Qureka Pro APK?

  • Open the app.
  • Go to the Approval tab.
  • As you can see, you can remember your win, the VIP (cash per referral) / test win, and the photo underneath the lovely building. Click the refund button below the amount you want to refund.
  • Select a withdrawal method: Paytm or UPI.
  • Please select the amount you want to withdraw.
  • The money will be transferred to your account immediately.

Refer to Qureka Pro and earn from the Qureka Pro referral code

They offer Rs5 for each referral, referrals to 10 friends earn 50 Rs, referrals to 50 friends earn 250 Rs, and similarly 1000 friends to Rs. You get 5000.

Eureka’s followers are currently limiting the number of friends. Referrals to 1000 friends and registered friends will receive a welcome bonus of 6 rupees from the Qureka Pro gaming app. How to Start Sponsorship and Revenue:

  • Go to the gear icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Invite now and click 5000 Skr to share with your friends.
  • Rs. 6 Registration bonus.

Note: Your friend must be a new user of the Qureka Pro gaming app. To receive referral credits, your friends must enter the Qureka Pro APK referral code when registering for the app

The best games in the Qureka Pro

You can play the game with your coins and your money. You can make money by playing your favorite games. These are some of the best games in the Qureka Pro app for creating a real Paytm cache.

  • Fruit Slash – Everyone wins cash
  • Cricket 20
  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Shooter
  • Bulbul
  • Don’t make an accident
  • Candy Slash
  • B tower x tower
  • Save the panda
  • Earth hero

Qureka has many mind games that you can play at any time of the day. These are the games currently in the app. Play any game to make money.

Is the Qureka Pro APK secure?

Yes, the Qureka Pro app is 100% safe to use. Malware is not installed. However, be aware of the hack versions of Mod APK and Qureka Pro. These types of APK files have been edited by someone other than the original developer.

By default, it invites hackers when installing such applications. Qureka Pro APK is a great app for making money in games. If you like to exercise, give Qureka Pro a try.

Google Play Additional Information for App:

The Qureka Pro MOD APK was just released and quickly became popular. It has a positive 5-star rating on the Google Play Store. This is part of the Google Play Store category. This app is lightweight so you don’t have to worry about space. Qureka Pro MOD APK is developed and provided by Qureka to allow Android users around the world to play their favorite content in one place for free.

The nice thing about the Qureka Pro MOD APK is that it updates the user’s daily shopping section. If you’re looking for a new version that you can’t find in this app, you can request it to load. One of your memorable things is that this app is only compatible with Android devices. People using other operating systems will not waste time downloading this app. It didn’t work for them.

Therefore, please wait for a while in the future until other operating systems and developers develop this application. you can.

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